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  1. Obstinance

    UnreadiSpaghetti for Slicer

    +1 big C
  2. Obstinance

    Mediumhotchilli´s Builder application

    i can do it but not for loka, if nobody wants to help maybe it says something about the people running the server idk. im sure people would feel more inclined to help if you listened to the players and stopped implementing random gimmicks as updates to bandaid complaints
  3. Obstinance

    Mediumhotchilli´s Builder application

    i can put netherrack and glow stone around a portal with shaders
  4. Obstinance

    lejo owns loka

    lejo owns loka
  5. Obstinance

    Ban Appeal For MJXJ

    you gotta be so desperate to screenshot a banned players +1 and post it
  6. Obstinance

    Unban Appeal

    you changed your minecraft name to something that got you banned…
  7. Obstinance

    Ban Appeal For MJXJ

    loka needs more quick drops +1
  8. Obstinance

    Unban Appeal

    jopsy is racist and temperamental. mostly just screams and takes pride in saying vulgar things so keeping them both away is probably best. the chances this is a sincere appeal and not just to play again are slim to none
  9. Obstinance

    @LancerSquid @Piruletaas gg deserved

    @LancerSquid @Piruletaas gg deserved
  10. Obstinance

    The Kingdom of Auru's Consitution

    it wasn’t even my opinion…you literally got trolled and scotrian had to explain to you what was happening and you posted this stupidity on a public minecraft forum site so you pretty much asked for everyones opinion you should work on being less dense and not writing minecraft lore, you...
  11. Obstinance

    The Kingdom of Auru's Consitution

    guy is getting trolled on his rp post
  12. Obstinance

    Ban Appeal IGN: BadGanker

    i have little faith this is true because sasuk is the first comment
  13. Obstinance

    LancerSquid for slicer

    I had no idea who he was but then he introduced himself to me and has always been super kind in dms. if anyone had anything negative to say i’d be shocked as he seems like a genuine person +1 slicer
  14. Obstinance

    dzne For Slicer

    +1 he doesn’t care what anyone says he just keeps talking its so fun to watch
  15. Obstinance

    in despair

    in despair
  16. Obstinance

    Implemented zyre playercount

    try kiting now @frogtoe1
  17. Obstinance

    loka forums is like facebook for eyvah126K

    loka forums is like facebook for eyvah126K
  18. Obstinance

    Implemented zyre playercount

    display the player count at the map before you get on the boat. but dont let people see it while they’re on zyre itself…
  19. Obstinance

    Dead But Not Gone

    Auru did nothing except afk in Iblis…