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  1. glory

    GALACT1CCACTUS Unmute Appeal

    no, really?
  2. glory

    Implement in Future Writing in a Language Channel With A Command

    how do i see all the diff channels
  3. glory

    braxfan ban appeal

    u are a crazy man
  4. glory

    GALACT1CCACTUS Unmute Appeal

    -1 dnalol deserves to be locked up fo ra long time!!!!
  5. glory

    Fixed /kill Zyre Cove

    i have a unsolved report for 5 months i think this is faster
  6. glory

    loayal Unban Appeal

    To professional. -1
  7. glory

    Jzleonidas unban appeal (not jzleonidasz)

    me sad Jzleonidas
  8. glory

    dinasoursgoquack unban appeal

    hes getting unbanned
  9. glory


    Xomak1000unban appeal
  10. glory

    dinasoursgoquack unban appeal

    always listen to the glory -1's
  11. glory

    Fzu heads

    i have like 20 of each
  12. glory

    _Drilon ban appeal

    80 comments in 5 hours 😂
  13. glory

    _Drilon ban appeal

    -1 maybe learn how to use a non kb2 sword while ur banned
  14. glory

    Dmve(Gamer_DvD) for Slicer

    +1 very nice
  15. glory

    kanyelover77 (Terenoca) for Slicer

    j cole better
  16. glory

    Discord Mute

  17. glory

    The Ascalon Map (selling copies)

    32k is a lot
  18. glory

    Bid July, Ionia I *TREE = GONE

    i liked the tree u should make 2v2 tourny short tho so tourny isn’t 10 hours +1 THEPIGGSNG
  19. glory

    #freeRyukqqw ;(

    free bro
  20. glory

    braxfan ban apeal (xray)

    you couldn’t do this yesterday? before u had the nerve to crystal me RUINING my kd forever? -1 make this freak stay banned forever