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    Implemented Polish Chat Option In /ch

    Or you could just... learn polish? 🤯 🤯🤯🤯
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    Suggestion Landmine Fire

    The same logic still applies, you are asking a destructive item to be non-destructive, you are complaining about not being able to take items from those who die to land mines presumably (so you are still complaining about losing items). As greeneryy said, land mines are not meant to give you...
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    Suggestion Landmine Fire

    Removing the destructive ability of items made specifically to destroy things? Seems pretty counter intuitive, I suggest instead of complaining about loosing items to something that is meant to make you loose items you attempt to avoid them all together. I also heavily encourage you to be more...
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    mindblaster007's Web & Art Application

    Straight fire love your work, keep it up
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    Suggestion Addition to the “tycoon” / top donated thing

    Why did you suggest something without adding any actual content? You just said, "add this" then provided no reason for the addition other than, "it would be cool". Seems pretty needles and low effort, do better next time Lampp_.