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  1. Cryptite

    The Ocean Update

    To be fair you could've always just enabled server resource pack. We've always provided it, just never required it. Now we're just doin stuff with it more biglier.
  2. Cryptite

    The Ocean Update

    Non. You will need to have boots on to get that effect
  3. Cryptite

    The Ocean Update

    No ocean blocks are biome controllable.
  4. Cryptite

    Suggestion Suggestion for food supply and improvement

    Better solution, have more than 1 "igrindmats" player in your town/alliance.
  5. Cryptite

    LOKA POKER????????

  6. Cryptite

    Implemented Removing signatures/ dropped by

    This is now possible.
  7. Cryptite

    The Ocean Update

    The Ocean Update After 5 long years... Long memed about, long dreamed about, but now finally coming to Your Favorite Minecraft Server! We're proud to finally announce the release of the Great Ocean Update! It's quite the doozy and it's no simple update. The breadth, size, and excellence of...
  8. Cryptite

    Multi-region Duels & Ranked Duels

    Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this idea is that it is impossible without some sort of custom-made MC client to have a system where you are moved to different regions for duels. As a result, the only way this would work would be if there were completely standalone copies of Loka Duels...
  9. Cryptite

    Suggestion Black dye

    ur a solution
  10. Cryptite

    Implemented Exact ping display in duels (and ranked)

    We don't think this'll change the amount of angst that is already uttered in public chat about ping, so we'll give this a shot for now. Short-form rank, ping and wins/losses (if doing unranked) are shown.
  11. Cryptite

    Implemented Portuguese chat option in /ch

    This has now been implemented.
  12. Cryptite

    Suggestion Server Generated Conquest Allies

    mans said dookie
  13. Cryptite

    No Plans to Implement Choose A Ranked Queue Window For Emerald + Players

    The reason there are two windows is because they represent the 2 peak player activity times of NA and EU. Remember that the ranked queue windows are presently only for Emerald I and above. Quite simply we do not have the population of high-ranked players to be more free with these windows, and...
  14. Cryptite

    Suggestion Personal item chest

    It's likely to be feature of /trade, putting it on the market seems weird; though if we were to add auctions then maybe it could go there too.
  15. Cryptite

    Suggestion Personal item chest

    This is also something we intend to add so that admins no longer have to act as middle-folk for town transfers. Though there will be a mandatory server cut, it will ensure that if you want a safe town sale, you can use the official server way. Otherwise if you choose to go it alone, you risk...
  16. Cryptite

    Suggestion Personal item chest

    Like what koi said, we've been exploring something like this from time to time. It's understandable to want a place to safely store your very most valuable items (beyond echest) that aren't subject to being stolen by a town owner if they go haywire. But it can't be gated behind orbs; that...
  17. Cryptite

    Jayiscrazy Unmute appeal

    With luck, you have now learned what racism is. We feel however that it takes longer than 10 minutes for this to sink in.
  18. Cryptite

    No Plans to Implement Implement transferring ownership of lore items

    Unfortunately we will never do something like this. This is one of those cases where literally Loka's small amount of money that we make to keep the lights on comes from Lored items and if people could freely swap around ownership, players would be less inclined to obtain their own lores. It's...
  19. Cryptite

    Suggestion Pro-Raiding rule.

    Everybody gangsta until the guy you trapped in your town who has all your stuff blinks out with a recall stone