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  1. Piruletaas

    What about my trumpet?

    What about my trumpet?
  2. Piruletaas

    Selling Sovngarde

    Selling Ruins of Pax.
  3. Piruletaas

    Selling Euphoria

  4. Piruletaas


  5. Piruletaas


  6. Piruletaas


  7. Piruletaas

    Kaleno Yuletide Tree

  8. Piruletaas

    Suggestion Be able to message players who are in ranked.

    Was going to say the same
  9. Piruletaas

    Y0I unban appeal

    Goes far than a "normal" punishment for assisting ban evasion or account sharing since you made a lot of people lose their attempt to get a higher position on the tournament, their shards from bets (thousands of shards) and their diamond blocks from their entries (hundreds of diamond blocks).
  10. Piruletaas

    Koc Unban Appeal

    I'm not talking about Loka discord, try remember all you've said in chat and voice chats in Dyshim Discord. No need to lie, everyone knows your behavior.
  11. Piruletaas

    Koc Unban Appeal

    I've been quite frankly with you while you were banned even while you were alting, I have tried to act as a mediator with the staff, for what? A couple of months ago you came on a voice chat to terribly harass me and everyone who was there for no reason. Not to mention you had fun sending photos...
  12. Piruletaas

    buying garama town

    Only 5?
  13. Piruletaas

    buying garama town

    Who do you think you are
  14. Piruletaas

    buying garama town

    New Lindis 5m
  15. Piruletaas

    2 better, 1 for you and 1 for me!

    2 better, 1 for you and 1 for me!
  16. Piruletaas