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  1. Silver911

    Tales of Arcanuan. Chapter I

    “Reap! Reaparutis? Where are you?” “Here!” I yell. “What do you need on this fine day my prince?” “We have been raided by Rypqyn!” MegaDerp161 screams. “Pug lost his eletrya.” “Hmm.” I think for a second. “I suppose if I ride my horse I can beat them there and attack them. I don’t remember...
  2. Silver911

    The Great Elven Civil War

    The Western Bond was failing and falling, and there was a small group of neutral elves at the southern tip peninsula where Myrefall used to be. Then one day Jammin said: "Hey Silver? Wanna move your town to old Myrefall and attack the elves?" I said "No thank you man im happy with my life." Then...