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  1. Falksi

    War and... Pieces?

    "Yep, we had all the forces of Asmund. We still died." Xovious looked up from polishing his sword. I wondered why he even bothered if it was to be stained with enemy blood by the end of the week. It seemed that as High King, skill was just as important as impressions. "You're unusually...
  2. longfellow4

    Dystoka: Chapter 1

    Dystoka A fictional tale of Loka's future By Long The year is 2017. Ascalon and Kalros are destroyed. The Artifact is dead. Only Garama, and the nation of Xidius remains. These are our tales. The tales of our descendants. The tale of Dystoka. Chapter 1: Prelude Xidun, capital of Garama...