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  1. Sqrv3n_

    Multi-region Duels & Ranked Duels

    - Multi-region duels and ranked duels Hello dear Lokans, I came up with an idea for improving your ranked experience. Recently a lot new players from Asia (specially eastern Asia) started joining Loka and play ranked with 200ms ping which people who are in Europe and north America complain...
  2. haapi

    Suggestion Ranked season rework

    Hello, I come with a proposal to change the ranking and rewards system for the current duel seasons. Currently, the seasons are structured as follows: the duel season starts and enjoys fairly good popularity, with many people playing, and the better players achieving high ranks. However, as the...
  3. Fake

    Bug So, i bugged loka again

    I was playing in a ranked game and after the match ended i got sent to the outside of the arenas I also clipped it: https://medal.tv/games/minecraft/clips/Sy2ljQcOz32sr/d13376dwvNMs?invite=cr-MSxSN0MsMTA2OTExNDAzLA Its my third time bugging loka, i swear im not doing it on purpose XD
  4. Goonq

    Remove bow from duels

    I don’t care about getting bowed in duels, but when I am trying to refill fast I click the bow sometimes, also I dont see anyone using a bow in a real fight. Also the bow and arrows could be replaced by 2 pots.