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  1. xDeerz

    Regarding a Guide chat mute from 2 years ago

    I recently started playing loka again a couple of weeks ago, and it came to my attention I was muted from the guide chat from the two years prior when I actively played loka. I do remeber a bit of this not the context or anything like that anymore but I asked one of the mods and he said it was...
  2. NerdieBirdieYT

    Loka: Adventurer’s Guide

    Loka can be a confusing place when you’re first starting out. With the help and guidance of the wonderful @Magpieman and @Cryptite , I am working on bringing the basics of Loka to life in an easy-to-understand video series titled Loka: Adventurer’s Guide. + Starting a Town You can find even...
  3. NerdieBirdieYT

    Nerdie's Noobie Starter Guide

    Nerdie's Noobie Starter Guide - MOVED TO WIKI Click HERE to see the full guide under "Starter Guide"! Baby Steps - Getting a Grip When You Join After you complete the Tutorial upon your first log-in, you will spawn in a busy area surrounded by a whole host of NPCs, players, sounds, and...