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  1. Hypotemabus

    Recruiting a merry band of chaos gremlins to help me sink Seafire into the Sea! 🌊🌊💥

    Hail Lokans! In the days of yore I led Amberfell to become Loka's first world capital, proposed internal town portals and was perhaps the reason ocean towns were nerfed and then removed owing to the ludicrousness my shenanigans in the Fourth Age... *Cough * Flying Ocean T-Gens *Cough* Anyway...
  2. OperaGhost2004

    Implement in Future Ocean Boss Mob

    just wanted to throw this one out there, since 1. there are currently no ocean boss mobs, 2. Loka needs more PvE content, and 3. it would be a good way to get the heart of the sea, which is necessary for a conduit, which you basically need if you're going to have a large underwater build of any...
  3. P

    No Plans to Implement Ocean Area

    I like idea to completely reset the ocean after 1.13 comes out, but I think leaving it how it is and adding a boat that goes to a completely sea like environment where it's all 1.13 sea and it would be a rejuvenating isle would be better. Kind of like the End boat or Nether Boat, but for the...