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selling a town

  1. Rosus

    Selling Garama town 60k

    Selling Bonkia City For 60k - Garama town - Sand Town - Level 25 - Fully Built - 2 mocc Brewers - Underground - 36 Rooms POTS: 8k Instant Health II 1.5k of Strength, Regen, and Speed. 10 pages of Fire Rez. 4 Pages of Pearls and a page of food. Warroom/Brewer/ And rooms. Dm Bznka on...
  2. Daqniel69

    Selling Valmas! (SOLD)

    Selling Valmas Town on Garama -level 25 (6k balance) -high mastery levels -storage and owner storage -brewer -12 rooms -enchanting room -smelting room -industry hall -1k heal with 700 each buff -in sand force with 5 tiles -Huge melon farm (4.6million melons in storage) -void storages
  3. Sokou

    i am selling a town

    i am selling a town please message me