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  1. mads64

    .• °:. *₊ ° . ☆ Virfy's Custom Lore Texture Service ☆ . ° ₊* .:° •. OUTDATED

    Hello everyone I thought I would start up a little service for texturing Loka player's Lore's, using CIT (CIT Resewn & Optifine) I will be posting images of the work I have made in the thread comments below, and I will also post when I have slots open. For actual discussion about our deal, I...
  2. mads64

    Custom Loka Power Shards [16x]

    Hello, I have made a pack that retextures Power Shards, Clusters, and Cores using Emerald colors. There is also an alternative pack that makes them aqua blue, which is less vanilla friendly in my opinion. This is what they look like: You can use either Optifine CIT *OR* CIT Resewn! (CIT...