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Are there any Elves left on Loka?


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As far as I know, there are no active towns with elven roleplaying members. Is it really true that all elves have become extinct?


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It seems as though select individuals have summoned me to respond to this. Hello all, and for those of you who don't know me, I am Reptaria, aka Queen Castalina of the Elves or, as some would say, Mother of the Elves. Or Haldyir new king of the elves, as a new character created. Yes, we were a roleplaying group that had a very active presence on Loka between the years 2017 - 2021. While many of us did roleplay, there were those of us who were very trained and skilled fighters or honorably served our people in times of war. These players would be Sparky, Jibb, Zrxes, Maxy...etc.

After the end of the Great War with the Covenant, the elves split from Valinor and inhibited many other kingdoms across the three continents. I took the biggest contingent, hopping around from kingdom to kingdom in Ascalon before my final departure from Char.

The elves, while those may dispute it, were necessary, and while my people are not in as many prominent numbers as we have been, there are very few of our people left scattered across Char.

While our people were not the biggest fighters, we did as best we could to keep the RPG atmosphere of Loka, alive. Many of my friends coming from former roleplay servers to help our glorious empire.

Our holy kingdoms were primarily on Ascalon starting in Eldamar at the tip of the Mushroom Isle, to Valinor, Elrohir (Katolis), Althuan, and etc.

I wish all my lokans and dear friends the best.