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Artagan applying for Guardian

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Age: 17

Current rank: Sentry

Which rank you are applying for: Guardian

What you think is expected of this rank:

As an old sheep once said, being a Guardian can be hell. I've been around long enough to know that a lot is expected of them, and that they don't get a lot of thanks for the work they put in.

Guardians deliver swift justice to rule breakers. They look at people's mines to make sure there's no funny business going on with xray. They're helpful to new players and old players alike, answering questions and helping newbs out of holes in spawn protection. They're neutral and don't involve themselves in petty disputes.

For me personally, my picture of a Guardian is like a wise old hermit living on top of a mountain. Serene, knowledgeable, and of course mature. The kind of person you feel comfortable asking questions and going to for help.

Why you think you should become this rank:

I know the ins and outs of the server, from rules to lore and everything in between. That said, I still feel like I have a lot to learn after all this time. I feel like I can help take up the slack for the other admins as a Guardian. Plus, I've been a Sentry for awhile now, and I feel that I've done a good job monitoring chat and keeping tabs on rx.

Also, I'd really like to get more involved in lore. Planning things would be awesome, but just having a more dynamic role as a Guardian would suit me just fine.

When you started playing on the server: April 2012

Time zone in relation to GMT: CST (- 6:00)

How often do you play (hours a day/week): Right now I'm playing about 5 hours per day because of all the snow days. Normally during the school year I average 2-3 hours per day, and during the summer I can get as high as 6 hours in a day. It's definitely unhealthy.


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Art is the smartest person I have ever met, and he is kind, helpful and mature. He's played the server for a waaaaay long time and definitely has a lot of experience. He's taught me countless things about the server, from rules to RP, and has definitely helped me with these crazy unwritten rules as a Sentry. Which brings me to the fact he's a great sentry. He knows when to kick and when to warn, and is helping Lea and I understand this too. The only slight problem is that he afks a lot. Maybe if you do /afk before you actually afk people will actually know when you are afk.

He's also just an awesome player. He's a great builder, writer, and is a lot of fun. Liiiike, he'll correct every spelling and grammar mistake I make and then after I ask a question he'll say "Wot?" or something. :p I have seen him attempt to play charades in Minecraft. Best of luck with that, Art. Also, I would like to point out that Artagan the Guardian sounds super awesome. Say it. Right now, aloud. Artagan the Guardian. It's perfect. Its destiny.
Yaaay! Lets see Artagan the Guardian.!! :D


andrekeroxd said:
As long as you're not all psycho about the Alliance, outlaws and Zorykins and his gang, go for it.

wellllllllllllll the first thing he did was quote Zor...which is sorta creepy given their history


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I've known you to jump on the merry old admin abuse train, and that mess with Comp and Zor etc was pretty horrible. But that was a while ago, and I'm impressed with the way you've held up against mine and mop's torment over the years (gosh, it is a long time) (sorry about that by the way) and your recent lore contributions have far surpassed my expectations of you. You've generally been a good guy to talk to and I feel when you haven't it's been my fault in many cases.

Whoa this is getting soppy. +1


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Imagine this going something like...

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