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ban in game loka!pls unban . Unban Jose_Mourinho_


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hello! was banned from loka by macros , I used macros to farm in roblox "anime fight" used auto click to be faster to farm ! I have a razer and used drag click to pull the pots for the inv ! Then in the middle of a war I took frozen and analyzed my pc and found the macro "auto click" that used to farm in roblox and did not use in loka because it was afraid of being banned because it was a server that was always online playing and having fun with whom game , was banned with 0 kills by macros .My nick is :Jose_Mourinho_ anyone who wants to see my profile . please loka unban want to play on loka and have fun with people I know please like to tar no loka .I didn't know I couldn't use lurn mods


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Mate, you already made an appeal and it has no response yet, wait a few days, please do not post 2 appeals at the same time.


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also 1678969607091.pngediting your last appeal and creating a new one to '' delete the -1's '' is not a good idea.

Macros are Macros, they are illegal on our server.


-1 don't make a new appeal and delete the old one to remove -1. Macros are macros, they are known to be illegal and it is something you should have not done. This second appeal outlined a lack of maturity and disrespect for rules that I don't think should be in the community.


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Just so people understand a bit more clearly, hes saying that he was screenshared for macros and an autoclicker was found on his pc, his excuse is that he uses the auto clicker for a roblox game and that his high cps was due to the fact that he drag clicks his pots into his hotbar