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Blissterz Ban Appeal.

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Hello lokans! I would just like to start off by saying that the reason i was banned was under the category "Exploit abuse" or more specifically Duping.
You are welcome to express your opinions in the chat. And now let me explain what happened.

Most recent appeal: https://forums.lokamc.com/threads/blissterz-unban-appeal.6831/

Current ign: Kingraghavr06

It has been roughly 7 months since i was banned from the server and i would just like to apologize (once again) to loka staff and community
for any harm i caused to the server. A day before i was banned i made an appeal lying about what i did and i dearly apologize to the mods
for having to dig up info to debunk that appeal, it was really childish off me and once again i apologize. I would dearly appreciate if
all of you could try to excuse me for my actions in the past and try to give me a second chance on the server. Ever since i was banned
from loka i have been watching my friends play and enjoy the server which makes me think even more about how all of this could of been avoided
if i just would have thought straight.

Thanks for reading all the way through my appeal and to try and forgive me for my actions. And i can promise you that i will never do anything like it again.
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+1 7 months is a pretty long time and as somebody who speaks to blissterz regularly i am confident he will avoid breaking the rules


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+1 in my opinion 7 months is a very long time, and when i vc with blissterz he is always very annoying that he duped and that he cant play.
he defo wont break the rules again so i think his ban should be lifted


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As someone who's known Blissterz for over a year, nearly two now, I can confidently say that he won't ever dupe again. He's clearly shown remorse for his actions in so many conversations we've had since his ban. On the other hand, a 7 month ban is not as long as many others have faced for the same offence. I completely believe that he's no longer a threat to the economy and community through duping, he's an extremely kind player and has largely cut down on toxicity and overall I believe he'd be a great addition to the community in 1-2+ months. An unban at this moment does seem unfair since the other people unbanned for duping recently, (tedzi, soggeybeans etc.) had to wait a few more months so I believe he should get his ban shortened so that another appeal doesn't have to be made in 1-2 months.

Overall, good guy who made a stupid mistake but not enough time as of this moment.


+1 He really does seem sorry that he duped and if he were to find another dupe/exploit again I highly doubt he would abuse it and just report it instead.


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+1 loka depression hit him so hard he is now TERRIFIED to get banned again he will never dupe trust me


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+1 As someone who's known blissterz for about a half year, I can confidently say that he has learned from his actions and would never do this again.


he is truly sorry and i think he is finally ready to a point he stopped thinking about the ban and took the time to think about what he has done and learn from it for the better. +1
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