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BuscoNombre for Sentry

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Age: 17

Current rank:
Which rank you are applying for: Sentry

What you think is expected of this rank:
I think that being a sentry is not only helping other players, its also getting involved with the server and what is happening on it everyday. Giving constructive and helping opinions to solve the problems, mostly on chat, but sometimes in other aspects. Keeping the server clean of toxicity to make it a better place for all the players.

Why you think you should become this rank:
I think i should become this rank because im an active player that likes helping the server, finding and reporting bugs, making suggestions, etc. And also, with the lack of sentries and guardians on garama, with me being a sentry we can have a better representation of all the continents and people wont think the server is one sided because all the guardians and sentries are together in conquest, which i know is just a coincidence.

When you started playing on the server:
December 13 2016

Time zone:
GMT -3

How often do you play (hours a day/week):
It depends on the day but around 2-6hours. Im always on discord anyway

Btw sorry for any spelling mistake and for not being so expresive but we all know i suck at writing in english. Ik there is a lot missing but my brain is burning right now


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It'd be nice to have more people from that timezone, and you're definitely active and helpful enough to fit this role! +1
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