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Coming to a theater near you...



A new type of movie... known widely as a frogleg western is coming to the Loka/New World...

Presenting: Nouvelleone's Whine Trilogy...

Part I:Fistful of Whine

Cryptite, an admin on Loka, thought it would be a normal day of admining... when he found himself caught between noobs and raiders. Most men would see this as an opportunity to die; Cryptite, however, sees it as an opportunity to practice his banning.

Part II: For a Few Whines More

Cryptite and veteran admin Magpieman hunt down notorious outlaw/troll to figure out if the Reed Gang has been smuggling insanely OP villagers into other cities. Little did they know that El Jocelyno, infamous thief, was already one step ahead...

Part III: The Admin, the Deaf, and the Ugliest

Cryptite (the Admin) works with backstabbing traitor and overall psychopath Zor95 (the Ugliest) to hunt down sadistic troll Def G. N. W. in order to beat him to a stash of Confeder- uh, or to just stop him from ruining the server. That works too, I guess... not nearly as exciting.

Also, dibs on movie and TV show ideas of Capital City Cop, Back to the Artifact, and Psych(adelic).


You could always do three feature-length machinima films... I'm sure the whole "head-bobbing" thing wouldn't get old after a while.

If we don't have the time, money, or resources to create it, I'll make a book adaptation for the Asgardian library.

Also coming to a theater nowhere near you because it doesn't exist: "Capital City Cop starring Artagan as reckless police officer Art A. Gan, who after moving to Loka, finds that there is trouble afoot in Capital City, and breaks the rules in order to stop it."