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Cross-Continent Alliances and Town Changes


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Hello Lokans!

We wanted to give a heads up on some important changes coming to the June Conquest cycle involving towns. We are in a sort of eternal battle in trying to ensure towns feel important for players. We want players to be loyal to their towns, but we also don't want towns to be insignificantly cheap to create as more and more towns are created. Further, towns are still fairly simple to keep alive forever and so we have some towns existing for years while remaining virtually inactive the entire time. This is something we need to tweak some numbers on again. Lastly, we are still not wild about the buying and selling of towns, but players do this because of the way the server currently works, and we acknowledge that.

Ultimately, we recognize that players want to be able to fight where the action is during a month and don't necessarily want to move to other continents. So we have some changes coming in June to address all of these things.

Town Cost and Activity Changes
Towns are still pretty cheap to own and keeping them alive is still too easy.
  • The base cost for towns will be increasing from 300 -> 500 shards-per-day.
  • Territory costs are also increasing slightly. View the breakdown here.
  • Town penalties for inactivity will be increasing. These penalties multiply the town's daily cost when inactive and increase for each additional week the town remains inactive:
    • 2w - No penalty -> 2x cost
    • 3w - 2x cost -> 3x cost
    • 4w - 3x cost -> 4x cost
  • The requirement for a member to be active will require more activity. We are intentionally not saying what the new requirements are but they are increased.
    • For clarity, the old system required only 1 ~30m session for an entire month to be considered active.
    • We are not changing the 3-member requirement for a town to remain active.
Cross-continent Alliances
You can now join and fight on a foreign continent if you renounce your own.
As for addressing the desire to "fight abroad", we are instituting a change to the way Alliances work so that players can live in their town, upgrade and build it as long as they like, but fight on another continent if they want to stay in the action. For the sake of talking about it, we'll refer to these as Mercenary Towns. How it works:
  • You will be able to join an Alliance on a foreign continent.
    • There is no limit to the proportion of mercenary towns in an Alliance.
    • In other words, Alliances still have a cap of 12 towns, but 11 of them can technically be mercenaries.
  • Your town must release all territory to join a foreign alliance.
  • You will benefit from the Alliance's policies if they are a capital.
    • This won't count for more continent-specific policies.
  • If at home you somehow still manage to be top strength at the end of the month (and would be Capital), then the next highest available town that is not a mercenary town will become Capital instead.
  • Taxes stay the same. If you join an alliance on another continent, you still pay your tax to the capital of the continent you are physically located on.

Ok that's all. Better balance in the future hopefully, while letting players be mercs for other continents so that you can hopefully be a bit more loyal to your town!

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