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Deathbringer's Story Origins


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Someone awoke. Glittering eyes, white shirt, khaki pants, gray hoodie and blonde hair. "W-who am I?" he asked. "Your name is Silver." Spoke the girl. "You shall be safe in Zorros as long as you can catch up. We need loyal members." "But," I start, "What is your name?" "My name..." the girl says "is Jaimeees."
I arrive in Zorros. I build a castle. A small, but great one. Jaimeees and I get stuck in my basement with a ladder glitch. we start rough housing and punching each other. I punched her head off somehow. Then we escape and all of a sudden, Thanius comes and kills us both. Jaime uses my diamonds to buy her head back. Then i want revenge and inhib Eldritch, Not knowing the war system and that Eldritch was powerful and that Tahn was not in Eldritch (xd). War happened we got kick from our alliance. and then the real story begins. (More coming soon)