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FamilyTuber's Introduction


Hey guys!

I'm one of the new guys that is coming along with the faction NerdNation or NN for short. I'm great friends with Nerdie and I have the pleasure of being an officer for the faction. I'll cut to the chase as many of you probably already know why we are moving here.

A little about me: I'm a goofy guy who strives to create a feel good atmosphere. I probably have way to many hobbies than I have time to do with but I try to make it work anyway. XD I love to play the piano, create Minecraft Adventure Maps, and run my own community events! (Called Pixxle I stream these events on my channel)

Along with NN moving to Loka, I'll be doing a Loka Youtube Series on my channel! The first episode is coming out today and I'll make sure to post a new thread to make a home for the series! Along with recordings, I'll be streaming on Loka from time to time. I'm very excited to be playing on this server and getting to know the awesome community! Honestly you guys are awesome and so welcoming. Every day I learn something new about the server.

Thanks again for being such a great community and I look forward to mine and NN's adventure here on Loka!


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Welcome to Loka! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with or if you have any questions!


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Welcome to Loka! As with Jedoi, feel free to ask me for any questions or help. I'm really excited to see what you and Nerdie bring to the server.


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Hi! Welcome to the server! If we're ever online at the same time, I could get you some diamonds or something to sorta help you start out well, or if there's anything else I can help with, talk to me on discord or in-game and I'll do my best to help.


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Welcome to Loka, and as is standard with my welcoming message, I hope you enjoy your stay!

See, Loka is a lot more than just the server: You said it yourself, we have a pretty welcoming community, and although we might like to humbly brag about it, I moreso enjoy all the different parts of our community; whether you're an amazingly detailed builder, an expert pvp'er, enjoy the rich lore and storywriting like I do, or even just want to sit around a campfire and embrace our ever-present, yet always goofy brewery plugin, Loka has something for everyone to take part of. I'm sure you, and the faction of NerdNation, will fit right in amongst us Lokans, and it'll be fun to see you all around.

Take awhile, get settled, and I hope to see you either on the battlefields, in our taverns, or even writing your very own lore some day.

-Wizardteepot/Tee Alduin


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Welcome to Loka, I look forward to more episodes in the Loka series!

(p. s.
never stop playing piano, you won't regret it)