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I would usually report bugs but there are so many conquest related bugs that have been around for too long that need to be fixed before anything else. I'm just gonna list them here in order of most important to least. If there are any more that are missing just list them below.

- Warping more than 10 people to rivi: This one has been around since the beginning of time and from my understanding it's not an easy fix. Usually, people have the respect to /kill to make it even but it is difficult to even communicate that between your team while fighting, and also no one wants to have to /kill and not be able to participate in a rivi. Its gotten so out of hand recently its never 10v10. Maybe we could just get a temporary fix that auto kicks someone to make it even always? Idk could be a stretch and isn't ideal if it kicks someone's best player.

- No more leather armor in conquest (all diamond armor): This one is more recent I think but recently in these big fights everyone has been wearing diamond armor and it makes it pretty hard to distinguish who is on your team and who isn't when your in a mosh of 20 people.

- Being able to edit rivi lineup from the tile (while prewarped, maybe even while fighting?): This is more so a suggestion but also can be a bug. This always happens all the time when someone logs on minutes before a fight and now you have to go back to your town and edit the lineup because someone isn't gonna /kill. I think this was already suggested here

- Can't see the number of kills you have on tab: This happens when a fight starts and the kill number is always replaced by the pre warping icon. Kinda of annoying and more of a QOL thing.

- Fix Tab colors of dead players: This might not even be a bug anymore I'm not a 100% sure but I think it still is, but when a player is dead they appear on tab with the color as if they're still alive. Makes it difficult to tell who is alive etc.


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+1 these bugs really Bring down the quality of conquest and rivi thats why they should be fixed asap.


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I haven't seen more than a 10v10 in 2-3 weeks personally, was pretty sure that was fixed as there have been no new reports about it for awhile.

The leather/diamond conquest armor is a bug one that needs fixing 100%.

The rest are worth looking into as well.