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Fixing the Past, Pt. 11-20


Fixing the Past, Part. XI (11)

Thanks to @Raddus_ for giving the power to finish this critical part.

The airship landed outside a massive wall made out of sandstone on an elevated platform. Scooter got a brief glimpse of the massive city within the walls. It looked alive and bustling. Massive towers made out of sandstone and iron dominated the skyline.

Scooter, Sku and McDanky got out of the airship and walked towards gates made out of gold. Banners containing a sickle and hammer hung beside it, the colour of red. Sku couldn’t help but admire the irony of it, given Sandsete’s history in the main timeline. Sku decided not to say anything about it, given the urgency of their situation.

A lone figure, who looked to be in his early twenties with brown hair and bright eyes, emerged from the gate.

“Mopb3,” McDanky said

“Sultan McDanky,” Mopb3 said, bowing to him.

Looking at Scooter and Sku, Mopb3 said:

“So, the dead have returned to life. But McDanky caught me up on everything over the radio. I know you’re from an alternate reality. And I know of your quest and I know the object you have.”

“After the death of Cryptite at the hands of Preksak, we fled to different corners of the multiverse in exile, except for MagPieMan and DiabolicalMech. I came here in shame, believing that we will never be able to defeat him and return things to the way they are meant to be.”

Sku, without saying a word, pulled the compass out of his pocket and passed it to Mop3:

“You have given us a fighting chance now with this and the shard of the knife. But I have a few questions for you, Scooter. How are you alive?”

Scooter, trying not to wince in pain at the thought of it, said,

“It’s a very long story…”

“We have time. It’ll take an hour to reach Velociraptor territory. I will join you on your quest to rescue Commander and stop Preksak. You have restored my faith.” Mopb3 said.

Feeling a swell of hope enter her heart, McDanky directed the group back to the airship, beckoning for his soldiers to bring supplies they would need for the rescue of Commander. The four of them entered the airship, and it took off at great speed. The airships in their reality were much slower than this, thought Sku.

Mopb3 gave Scooter a hug and held her hands.

“I will help free you from this pain, Scooter. I sense it, but in order for me to help you, you need to tell me what happened and how you’re alive.”

Scooter felt darkness enter her mind, and she leaned back in the seat of the airship. She was scared, but she wasn’t alone. Mopb3, McDanky, and Sku were here. She breathed in slowly.

“Well, it all started after the Battle of Preksak’s Lab—”

The figure pulled her through the portal into a wide open space. A glass ceiling looking out into nothing but blackness. A single obsidian desk sat near the South side of the dome and the floor was nothing but cold Quartz. A single glass tube that went from the floor to the ceiling lay in the middle of the room. Figures stood by, on guard, wearing purple hoods and they had red eyes.

Scooter suddenly realized where she was and felt a surge of fear and panic in her chest. The person that had rescued her grabbed her hand tighter and turned around to face her.

“Preksak.” Scooter said

“It is, moi.” Preksak said

Trying to fight Preksak’s grip on her hand. It was useless. He only gripped tighter and tighter, and her hand was starting to hurt a lot.

“Why did you save me? What purpose does it serve?”

Preksak let go of her hand and beckoned for his artifacts to come to surround him.

“No purpose,” He said with an evil grin.

“I just want to gloat and watch you suffer. Your sacrifice was in vain in the grander scheme of things. I won.”

“No, that’s not possible. I destroyed your lab. That should have been the end.”

“It was not.”

Preksak motioned to something on his desk. Scooter gasped at what she saw. Sitting on the desk was Cryptite’s head, along with the Sword of Hyrule.

“No, this can’t be real… you’re bluffing.”

Preksak walked over and picked up the head of Cryptite and brought it over to Scooter.

“This is 100% real… and welcome to Hell.”

Preksak shoved the head of Cryptite in her face, and Scooter felt her head spinning. The threat of falling unconscious was coming upon her. Preksak motioned for the articles to grab her and soon, the sweet relief of blackness came over her, relieving her from this living nightmare.

Scooter awoke and found herself in a cell with see-through glass panels. Seeing Preksak at his desk, she tried to close her eyes again. Anything to escape this nightmare, she thought. Please. Anything. But the sweet release of sleep did not come. She was trapped here in this nightmarish land. Cryptite was dead and Preksak was back.

Preksak could sense she was awake, and glided over to her cell and opened the door. Beckoning for his artifices, he dragged her out, screaming, begging to be killed and not remain in the nightmarish present. The artifices forcefully slammed her down into a chair in front of Preksak. Preksak stood up and laid his hands on the desk in front of him, leaning into Scooter’s face. Scooter tried her best not to look.

“Look at me,” Preksak whispered.

Scooter still refused to look.

“Look at me!” he screamed, raising his hand and sending paperwork flying off his desk.

Scooter, with great fear, turned to look at Preksak. Might as well put on a face of defiance in front of such terror, she thought. She finally turned to look at him but with a look of anger and determination to stop him.

“Your whole little rebel without a cause attitude isn’t going to work with me, miss. I want you to know how you failed. I want to crush your spirit. I want to crush the heart of Loka.”

“Your supposed sacrifice was in vain. Cryptite, the Guardians. Anyone left who could oppose me is dead or in exile. “

“It’s not possible. It’s a trick.”

“You know, in the depths of your heart, what I’m saying is real. Do you want me to remind you again?

Scooter cringed at the thought of Cryptite’s head.

“No, no, no. Anything but that.”

‘Good. You do have some intelligence in you.”

“In the not-too-distant future, a critical battle that determines the fate of all Loka and everything that comes after will occur. Well, for you at least. It’s already textbook history for me.”

“The Battle of the Spire. The battle changed everything…. What caused my son to die.”

“What?” Scooter said

“Yes, thanks to the actions of you and Cryptite, you took the one thing that mattered to me the most. My son. I know I am a cruel and callous man. I don’t care about anything or anyone. But my son was the one bright spot in my life. And you snuffed him out like he was a flame.”

“So I decided to take the prodigal son of Loka himself, Cryptite. A son for a son.”


Pointing to a tube in the middle of the area, he pointed at his compass.

“My beloved compass showed me. It opened my eyes to new possibilities and ideas. In the far future, I was in my lab late at night and the idea occurred to me. The compass is capable of travelling through the universe and other worlds. Then, I had a sudden revelation. What if it was possible to move through time as well?”

“Rumors have persisted for years that the shards of the knife are capable of cutting through time and space. By experimenting for what seemed like thousands of years, I found the right shard of a knife that allowed me to achieve time travel. To allow me to fix the past.”

“Looking through so many worlds and timelines, I searched for the one knife I needed. And I found it.”

Preksak turned his computer around so that Scooter could see it. In front of her, she could see what looked like a planet, but the continents were different from that of Loka. It was actually only one continent. It was a bright, green continent with heavily forested woods in the North of it, followed by a ridge of volcanic mountains. She thought she could see what looked like cities or towns on it.

“The world of Grimdale. Earth MineZ as I’ve officially categorized it. An alternate version of myself was experimenting with time travel with the knives. And he succeeded. But he wasn’t still able to save his world from the onslaught of the living dead. No matter how much he tried to change the past, the undead would rise again and again. It was a fixed point in time. Nothing could change it.”

“He and only one other person survived from that broken reality.”

The computer screen changed and Scooter saw two figures on it.

“One was a man named Andy, aka Commander 12. And this sick, putrid version of myself, claiming to be fighting for the greater good.”

Andy had dirty blonde hair with brown eyes and looked rugged as if he had fought in a lot of wars. The other version of Preksak looked the exact same but wore a hood of white and his eyes were blue instead.

Scooter felt a stir of something when she looked at Commander. She recognized him somehow.

“Thanks to this alternate version of myself, I was able to fix everything. Put everything back to the way it was meant to be. But my son… he is still gone. It seems to be another fixed point in time.”

Preksak motioned to the beam in the middle of the area again.

“With my compass and the shard of the knife, I shall go back to the beginning of creation. Beyond the First World and what lies beyond. I shall return to the… Big Bang. To find… the One Who Sits and take his power. Then, I will remake the multiverse in my image and bring back my dear beloved son to me. I shall make it an Eden for all. No Guardians, no Loka, nothing of the old. Only the new. I shall guide them all to utopia. “

“The One Who Sits is the only one capable of changing a fixed point in time. My compass has given me visions of him. A man with red hair and a beard sitting at a desk with a computer. Why would the Supreme Creator of everything look so simple? I must find out. He is a weak, pathetic looking being not deserving of the power he wields. I am the only one capable of truly wielding the power responsibly and rightfully. “

“And no one can stop me. I travelled throughout the multiverse slaughtering trillions of versions of the Guardians and Cryptite and those who stood in my way.”

“There was only one version of you out there in the cosmos… and that’s you. You are part of what I need to enact my plan. The life force of the four remaining Guardians in all of existence will allow me to pierce the barrier of the Big Bang and get to the One Who Sits.”

“You genocidal monster. I would rather you kill me. I want nothing to do with the death of trillions of beings.”

‘Too bad. Artifices, attach her to the compass.”

“No! No! No!” Scooter screamed, but it was too late. The artifices strapped her down to a table and attached metal rods to her all over her body.

Soon, Scooter felt like her life force was being drained from her and she saw the beam of the compass also grow bigger. Lightning bolts cracked across the sky and it looked like a tear was forming in the sky.

Soon, the sweet release of death came upon Scooter. But it did not.

For the next 50 years, she became a human battery.

But the universe was not done with her yet. She would help save them all.



Fixing the Past, Pt. XII (12)

The terrain of the jungle changed. Below the airship, a massive mesa biome was laid out. Ruins of what looked like used to a town were also there.

Everyone was still reeling from Scooter’s story.

“He’s doing all of this… to get his son back?” McDanky said

“Yes. The lives of trillions just for one. He’s mad beyond comprehension, but in his sick mind he’s doing this for love.”

“How did you not break?” Sku asked

“I did. Until Mopb released my pain.”

Scooter gave Mopb a hug, and he nodded in return.

“Nothing a bit of telepathy can’t solve.” He said cheerfully.

Everyone focused back on the matter at hand. Commander was very close to dying from his injuries or becoming chicken dinner for a bunch of dinosaurs.

“We’re still 10 minutes out, but everyone gets their gear on now,” McDanky said.

Everyone was soon getting dressed in their gear. Sku paused and went up to McDanky, who was steering the airship towards Velociraptor territory.

“You said I’m dead here… but how? Where’s Ascalon? Kalros? Eldritch?”

“What are you talking about? What are these places?”

“Wait… you don’t know? Ascalon and Kalros? The continents?”

“There’s only one continent here, pal. It’s Gamara.”

“After the fall of the Fourth World, we found Gamara and nothing else… it was not good.”

“Thousands died when we first settled the continent. It wasn’t the landscape or disease that killed us. It was them. Those who came before. The dinosaurs. Creatures that had been gone for millions of years on the previous worlds were here. And they had millions of years of evolution more than their counterparts.”

“We fought a long and bloody war against them. We won but at a great cost. It only ended 370 years ago. Sandsete and Vantis are the same, only two cities in all of Gamara. The rest were wiped out by the dinosaurs or were left to fall over time.”

“You were one of our greatest generals in all of Loka. You lead us to victory against them, Sku.”

“But you did not live to see your efforts come to fruition. You were murdered in your sleep by one of them. Oypc is now our grand general.”

“How am I different in your timeline?” McDanky asked.

“Umm… we’ll talk about that later. How close are we?”

McDanky brushed off the comment and focused back on the radar.

“We’re here. The heart of velociraptor territory.”

Commander awoke from a feverish dream. He saw the same man he saw when he touched the compass. The One Who Sits.

Was he God? Was he a monster? Commander thought.

Why was such a simple-looking being, supposedly the creator of all things? And why was Preksak so desperate to get to him?

Commander had been brought to a massive city located in a tucked-away valley in the Deadlands. Huts lined the wall of the canyon, and wooden platforms were bustling with velociraptors everywhere. Commander even saw what looked like a market and saw velociraptors bargaining with each other, snapping and hissing at each other. He then cringed when he saw human limbs on sale in the marketplace. it was incredibly sickening for him. Jesus Christ, he thought.

Do they at least come with honey garlic? Commander thought morbidly

In the centre of it all was a massive plaza, built out of limestone, and a massive obelisk sat in the centre. The velociraptors stopped and dropped Commander on two wooden poles. Materials for what looked like a fire below him. Commander looked around and saw a throne made out of limestone. A velociraptor wearing a purple robe sat, his talons tapping on the chair.

“I swear to God if one of them says Allan like Jurassic Park, I’m gonna lose it,” Commander said.

Then the King velociraptor spoke:

“My Royal subjects, thank you for being this sacrifice to appease our gods. The human invaders have done much to upset them. This should hold their wrath at bay.”

Commander was shocked. The velociraptor spoke perfectly good King’s English and had a Cockney-sounding accent. Remind me to never travel the multiverse again, Commander muttered to himself.

“I am only speaking in the human’s native language, so he may know beforehand the sacrifice he is making is saving us all, including the human invaders.”

“Subjects, prepare the sacrifice. Cook him to be medium rare. The gods like that the most.”

“I think I heard his name is… Allan?” One of the velociraptors started the fire under Commander.

“I’m Andy, you spineless idiots,” Commander said.

“Ah ok, Audrey. Nice to meet you. I’m Nigel. I hope you taste good.”

The velociraptor also spoke in a high pitch English accent that irritated Commander greatly.

“Do you at least have honey garlic sauce?” Commander asked.

Commander suddenly coughed and more blood came out. He was going to be dead soon, regardless of what happened to him.

The airship landed on a cliff overlooking the city below. Through his binoculars, McDanky could see Commander being slowly turned around and rotated on a wooden stick.

“They’ve developed their city so much more than the last time I saw it.” McDanky.

“It was just a small hamlet the last time I saw it,” Mopb said.

“We haven’t had any official contact with them in 20 years.”

“Um… why not?” Scooter asked

“It’s complicated… we must get going. Sunset is only an hour away. Everyone ready?”

Everyone acknowledged McDanky’s question and grabbed ropes out of their bag, getting ready to rappel down the cliffs.

“3… 2..1… go!” McDanky said

Soon, everyone was rapidly going down the cliffs suddenly and stealthily. Hopefully, nothing would derail their plan.

But something would.

A portal opened on the outskirts of the city and a lone figure stepped out. Wearing dark purple robes to replace his tattered lab coat, Andy smiled. He would get the chance to kill a Guardian and then his meddling younger self and his friends. It would please the Observer greatly. Tapping into the power of the Blight, Andy sensed Sku was nearby with the compass. He was right below him, but he was moving fast. Scooter and Mopb were also nearby.

“It’s time to please the dark one,” Andy said with a manic smile on his face.

McDanky brought the group to a pause. They were on the roof of a hut overlooking the square down below. Commander was yelling something about the dinosaurs calling him the wrong name and they spoke in high pitch English accents. McDanky tried not to cringe at the sound of it.

“Wait… are they speaking English?” Sku asked.

“It’s a long story.”

“Why do they have annoying English accents?”

“We do not share that information with outsiders.”

That ended the concern about the velociraptors having strange English accents.

“Alright, I’m going to create a distraction by launching a missile from the airship into the cliff above.”

Everyone looked at him with a look of concern.

“No, none of these buggers will be killed. I’m not a complete monster. Don’t you care about getting your friend back?”

Right as McDanky pulled out a remote control to launch the missile, a booming voice was heard across the town square.

“Bow down before the might of the Observer! I have come to deliver his wrath and judgement!”

“Who’s that?” Mopb asked.

“Oh, Jesus… not him. It’s an alternate evil version of Commander infected with the Blight. Another long story.” Sku said.

McDanky shrugged his shoulders and said:

“We got to roll with it, I suppose… wait he’s infected with the Blight?!?”

“Don’t you remember? We have a cure for it.” Mopb said.

“Sorry, momentary lapse of judgment there,” McDanky said.

Andy yelled out across the plaza,

“Skuhoo! Scooter! Mopb3! McDanky! I know you are on top of that hut there! Come down before I slaughter like sheep. I promise you a quick and painless death if you do!”

One of the velociraptors quipped:

‘Why, that strange man with white hair and purple robes looks like Allan! It must be his grandpa!”

“No! No! No! I am the right hand of the mighty Observer, not this… Allan, you claim I am!”

Having enough, Andy rose up into the air and started firing off lightning bolts, causing the velociraptors to flee in panic. Commander was left hanging over the fire and he was struggling to get himself untied.

“Now!” McDanky yelled.

The group jumped down from the hut and Mopb went straight to fight Andy. Mopb also started to rise up in the air and lunged straight at him.

“Since when do the Guardians have superpowers?” Sku asked.

“Since now, apparently,” McDanky said.

Scooter was the first one to reach Commander and untied him.

“The buggers didn’t even dip in honey garlic as I asked,” Commander said

Commander looked immensely relieved to see the group, but he was looking very gray. He looked like he was on the verge of death.

“Come on, if we get him back to the airship, we can get him on a hospital bed on there.” Sku and McDanky both

“What about Mopb? We need him on our quest.” Sku said.

“Oh, he’ll be done with this punk in a minute,” McDanky said.

The fight between Andy and Mopb was getting more intense as they flew into huts, destroying them and sending rocks flying everywhere. Mopb then flew up into the sky, taking Andy with him. With one final punch, Mopb sent him flying straight over the horizon with Andy screaming curses at him. Mopb then landed back on the ground.

“Um… how come you never used that with me?” McDanky asked.

“Eh… felt kinda lazy,” Mopb said.


The group carried on, as McDanky and Mopb argued.

The quest would continue.

Alternate Sku lay bruised and battered. After Preksak had finished conquering the alternate reality he was in, he was brought to his Dark Spire. Sku sat on a chair in a glass cell, looking out at what must have been Preksak’s lair. Sku couldn’t hear what he was saying. He was talking to the two cyborgs from the attack on Mimiga.

Preksak continued to speak to the Head Hunters.

“Good. We finally got rid of that fanatical alternate idiot verison of Commander. God, I hate people when they get that infected with the Blight.”

“But it officially confirms the location of Mopb. Andy served as a useful piece of bait to bring Mopb out. I am dispatching you two now to go get him and kill him, Commander and his friends, and bring me the compass and the shard. Remember, I am counting on you two.”

The Head Hunters silently nodded, and a portal opened up behind them and they disappeared. Preksak then got up and walked towards Sku in his cell.

“Now it’s time to deal with you.”

One of the artifices opened the door to Sku’s cell, and Sku fell back in his chair, cowering in fear.

“Please, just kill me. You already won. I don’t want to suffer here.”

“No, I’m not going to give you the pleasure of death. I think you will make an excellent replacement for your rebellious counterpart. Artifices prepare him for surgery. We got a new cyborg.”

“No! No! No!” Sku yelled, but the cell he was in had disappeared.

Sku found himself in a black void with white tendrils of light on the floor beneath him. Three lone figures stood at the centre. Sku immediately recognized one of them.

“MagPieMan? Am I dead? Is this the afterlife?”

MagPieMan walked from the group of three and approached Sku.

“No, this is the space between spaces. Welcome to outside the multiverse. I saved you and brought you here. This is my dear friend, WizardTeePot. And there is someone else you should meet.”

Tee walked over and removed his hood and nodded at him.

“Wait, who’s the third guy?” Sku asked.

The third figure walked slowly over and removed his hood.

“No… it can’t be. Commander told me you were dead… how are you here?”

“Well, I would like to know the same thing, I suppose. I got my head chopped off and now I’m here. ”

Cryptite looked alive and well and healthy… and he had a head. Sku thought. What type of shenanigans was going on?

Cryptite smiled at Sku and put his arm around him.

“Come on, we got a lot of work to do. And it’s nice to see you have some hair for once.”



Fixing the Past, Pt. XIII (13)

Cryptite brought Sku to where everyone was standing. The giant white circle in the center was looking like it was getting dim.

“What’s this on the floor?” Sku asked.

“It’s a map of the multiverse. The one in the middle here is the main timeline. But it grows weak. Because of how Preksak altered the timeline and is trying to travel back to the Big Bang, it will soon collapse.” WizardTeePot explained.

“Why is he doing all of this?”

MagPieMan went on to explain how he was trying to bring his son back from the dead and changing a fixed point in time. He also sought to capture the power of the One Who Sits.

“Oh, my god. So he’s purged trillions of timelines already? All of this for one person?”

“If you knew you could bring back your dead child and if you could do it, no matter the cost, would you do it?” Cryptite said.

“As sickening as it is that he’s committed multiversal genocide, he’s blinded by love and grief. That does not excuse his actions.”

This gave Sku pause to think. If he had a child and lost them, what would he do? If he had the chance to bring them back, would he? Sku decided to focus back on the moment at hand.

“How do we stop him?” he asked

“Well, my plan is already in swing at the moment. I knew he was going to alter the timeline, but I had to let him win.”

“What?” Tee said

“Yes. If we tried to stop him, it would have allowed him to slaughter us all. He would have succeeded. He is only trying to fix the past.”

“What do you mean? Fixing the past? He’s already done that from his sick point of view.” Cryptite said.

“Crypt… I have horrible news… You were always meant to lose the Battle of the Spire. It’s the correct timeline. We’ve been living in an alternate one ever since.”

“That’s impossible. That can’t be true.”

Everyone was stunned into silence and Cryptite felt anger building up in his chest. He felt like he wanted to strike down MagPieMan where he stood. But he breathed in. MagPieMan was wise and logical. He always had a good reason for what he did. MagPieMan was speaking to him.

“No, it was the way things were meant to be. I’m sorry.”

“How did the timeline change, then?”

“ I too found the research from the alternate Preksak and used time travel to let you win. I was the one who sent Freyjia to save you.”

“But why? If this isn’t the way things are meant to be, how do we save our alternate timeline?”

“We have to reach the One Who Sits himself. He has the power to separate our two timelines, ensuring that our collective history will survive, but also preserving the main timeline.” MagPieMan said.

“As one of the first Guardians, I have limited omniscience, meaning I can get a limited grasp of all knowledge and it allows me to digest the information as a human. I know what we must do.”

“And what’s that?”

“Commander is the key to everything. Since he came from an alternate timeline, to begin with, he is not tied directly to our alternate timeline. Therefore, because of that, he himself can sense when alternate timelines are changed. The knife only heightened his abilities. He cannot be influenced by Preksak. Also because of his command skills, we need him. He’s one of the few people that can handle holding the compass without going mad and getting into the realm of the One Who Sits. Because of his unique temporal status, this gives him the edge.”

“The original Guardians themselves disbanded long ago because of the relative peace of the Fifth World, but they needed the motivation to get back together. Their laziness and lack of care because everything became so right and peaceful and the return of Preksak wasn’t meant to happen for millions of years, leading them to become complacent. Therefore, they needed something to shake them up and bring them back together.”

“Commander is the bridge between the past and the future of Loka. He is the one to lead the first and future generations into battle against Preksak. Preksak always had this plan in place, but we needed an effective leader to rally the troops and unite everyone together under one banner.”

“By letting Preksak think he’s winning, we lure him into a false sense of hope and he overestimates his abilities. His ego will be his true downfall. The Guardians are the only ones capable of stopping Preksak from reaching the One Who Sits. They are the only ones with the power to stop them. I let Preksak restore the timeline the way it was meant to be, because I needed to rouse the Guardians out of their slump.”

“My grand plan is to have Commander bring all of them back and unite the past and future Lokans together to face Preksak in one final battle, at the Dark Spire. All the troops we need are here, but are enslaved or cyborgs. Therefore, we’ll need to restore their memories of the altered timeline.”

“I had sent you Tee ahead of time to Commander to give him the shard and to get the Sword of Hyrule in order to allow Commander to get the compass.”

“That explains why the shard showed up in my escrow chest and why I felt the overwhelming need to give it to Commander.”

“I didn’t feel like I was in control. You were the reason I kept shifting in and out of the timeline.”

‘You got it right on the nail.”

“How do you restore the memories of everyone?” Sku asked.

“Well, Commander needs to find the two remaining Guardians, and they will have the power themselves to amplify the knife to do it on a wide scale. He’s already found Mopb3.”

“But that doesn’t explain how Cryptite is here,” Tee said.

“Well, funny thing… your perspective on everything changes when you get your head chopped off.”

The Battle of the Spire was reaching its zenith.

“I can’t allow you to activate the Spire, Preksak! It’ll destroy everything!”

“No! I must do it to save us all!” Preksak yelled.

Lightning bolts were fired off by Preksak and Crypt weaved and dodged, firing off his bow, trying to take Preksak down.

Come on, Freyjia, where are you? Crypt thought.

I need you now. I can’t keep this up for much longer.

A stray lightning bolt hit Crypt on his leg, causing him to momentarily fall. Preksak came over and kicked him.

“Now, it’s time to fix things to be the way they were!”

Preksak lifted up iron and steel from the Spire and created a cell around Crypt.

“Now, you can’t stop me!”

“But you don't know what will happen if the Spire is activated!”

“Oh, I do!” Preksak said.

He turned around and kept working away at finishing the mechanism needed to activate the Spire.

Freyjia, for the love of all the Gods where are you? Crypt thought.

Suddenly, a white blinding light appeared behind Crypt. He knew it. It was Freyjia here to save the day. But the white light soon disappeared. In its place stood Preksak again. Two robotic-looking beings were with him as well.

“Wait what?”

Crypt looked outside and saw Preksak still working away on the mechanism to activate the Spire. Somehow, there were two Preksaks here.

Crypt knew immediately what was happening. Thanks to his Demi-god abilities, he could sense this was a future version of Preksak.

“Ah, Crypt. Visiting the moment of my greatest defeat is painful, but it’s about to become so sweet. Freyja has left you to die. No one is coming to save you. Head Hunters, it’s time for you to fulfill your greatest purpose.” Future Preksak said.

‘Why are you doing this? What do you know?”

“I know everything. I’m here to fix the past.”

The Head Hunters stepped forward and shot Crypt with guns, causing him to collapse. Blood was flowing everywhere and Crypt tried to stand up one last time in defiance of what Preksak was going.

"You will never win, you bastard,” Crypt said as he coughed blood out of his mouth.

“Well, I’m the bastard who wins.” He said gleefully.

One of the Head Hunters morphed their arm into a sword and swung down on Crypt’s neck. It came clean off and fell to the ground.

“Come along, my servants. The future we shall return to shall be a glorious one. One where I rule supreme. “

Pac_Man picked up Crypt’s severed head and attached it to his belt. The fresh blood was still dripping from it. A portal opened up and the three men walked back through into it.

Past Preksak sensed a presence while he was working on the Spire’s mechanism.

Wait… is that me? He thought.

He walked over to the cell he had made for Crypt and gasped at what he saw. The headless body of Cryptite lay there on the ground.

Crypt was dead. Crypt was dead! He had won!

Feeling a rush of joy and excitement in his chest, he realized no one could truly stop him now. He rushed over to the mechanism that controlled the Spire. He then looked at it from a different angle and realized something.

“Wait, a minute… this is a giant world bomb. It’s not a terraformer. It’s a terradestoryer!”

Preksak pushed down on the button and activated the Spire. A massive explosion went off and the land below the Spire started to crumble. He could hear the cries of the soldiers below falling. The sky above him changed to a black, inky color, and Preksak felt power flowing through him.

He had won. He had conquered all. Now it was time to plan for the future.

The body of Crypt had been flung far away when the explosion on top of the Spire went off. It lay on a sand dune, still somehow clutching the Sword of Hyrule.

A lone figure appeared and picked up the body.

“My sweet, sweet prince, Crypt. How is this possible?” Freyjia said.

Tears ran down her face and she let out a great cry of anguish. She hadn’t made it in time to save him. Now Preksak has won. She would take the body to be rested among the ruins of Asgard.

Nothing could fix the massive hole that was open in her heart now.

“Wow. I-I-I don’t know what to say.” Tee said.

“No words can describe what it’s like to die,” Crypt said.

“It feels like falling into a deep sleep. You’ll never wake him from again.”

“I rescued your soul, Crypt, and brought it here. This is also a stage of the afterlife. Think of it as a type of limbo. Everyone I have brought here has died, except for myself.”

“Preksak doesn’t contain the same level of omniscience as I do. He limited my powers in his timeline and he was unaware of the true purpose of this space. I wanted him to further exile me here so that I could direct Commander to the right places to go. Watch this.”

Three red dots moved between the tendrils and MagPieMan reached down with his hand and gently brushed them to another tendril.

“There I sent them to the timeline where Mopb is.”

“So wait, Preksak killed me in his cell?” Sku said.

“He did, yes. You had a heart attack when he reached down to strike out.”

“Oh… I would have liked a more brave way to go, but I guess we can’t choose how we die and when I suppose.”

“All of you are dead… but not truly dead, in a sense. You’re temporarily out of place in time. Because your souls haven’t moved truly on into the afterlife, you remain here. Your connection to physical reality is limited, but you still can influence it in some ways.”

“Like how?” Tee asked

“You can direct people and help them move between universes as I did with Commander and his friends.”

“By being here, we can oversee everything and direct the conflict to go our way and save everything.”

“Tee and Sku. I have an important mission for you. You will be the ones to free the slaves and to start rallying the troops and organizing them to be ready”

“Commander, hopefully, should be here in time with the Guardians to rally the troops and lead us into battle. But there is one more thing you all must know before we start.”

“What is it?” Crypt said

“Commander must die in order for us to return things to the way we want them to be.”

Silence again fell, and Sku swore he could hear his heartbeat as it got that quiet.

“I can see into the future, but I can’t see beyond Commander’s death. I don’t know why he must die, but I know if he does, we will win and fix everything. It’s more of a feeling than seeing something. I sense that this is the way we will win.”

“Is there a way to save him?” Tee asked with a look of desperation in his eyes.


“In order to save all of Loka, Commander 12 must die.”

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Fixing the Past, Pt. XIV (14)
Commander’s heartbeat and vitals were stable for the time being, but he had been placed into a coma by McDanky. He would remain indefinitely alive aboard the airship, but he needed surgery to heal the internal wounds.

After the bold rescue of Commander from the velociraptors, everyone took a moment to breathe. Sku was sitting looking at the compass, pondering if all of this was worth solving. They already had experienced so much pain and Sku couldn’t still quite comprehend everything that happened. Preksak winning, a version of himself with hair, and intelligent dinosaurs. No human being should have to experience so much in one lifetime. Yet, it had only been three days, and he experienced it all.

McDanky brought the airship down with a thud upon the landing pad. They were on the outskirts of Sandeste again. Medtechs came running in and wheeled Commander out and brought them up to another airship, which took off for the hospital.

Commander was safe.

For now.

After an eleven-hour surgery and lying in a healing bed, Commander was ready to go and back in action.

Scooter and Mopb brought Commander up to speed on Preksak’s plan and his wanting to bring his son back.

“He may be mad, but he’s truly gone off the edge. Love and grief are the most blinding of things.”

“So you’re Mopb3. One of the original guardians? It’s a pleasure to meet you and thanks for helping save my bacon.”

The three of them were sitting in a courtyard outside the hospital in Sandeste. A slight breeze rustled through the palm trees.

“No problem. As a result of your efforts, you have restored my faith. Having Preksak’s compass and a shard of the knife gives us a fighting chance to stop him. I will join you on your quest to reunite all the Guardians. But it will not be an easy task. “Mopb said

“And why is that?”

“MagPieMan is being held captive by Preksak in the reality where you came from and I don’t know where Gallius and DiabolicalMech are. With the compass, we can find them.”

“But we don’t even know how to use the bloody thing. How can we track them?”

“Give it to me.”

Commander handed over Preksak’s compass to him. Mopb closed his eyes and focused. He then rapidly opened them again.

“I know where Gallius is. We must leave immediately.”


“He is in grave danger. The Head Hunters are after him. They are still far away but are rapidly approaching.”

“But how do we use the compass?”

“The compass feeds off of emotion and your life force. It almost needs to recharge every time you make a massive jump, like you did to travel to the two previous realities you came from.”

“However, since I am a Guardian, I possess the proper power to allow us to navigate the multiverse without being harmed. You can activate it by tapping the shard of the knife three times on the back of it.”

Mopb made gestures to convey to Commander how to do it.

“The more angry or anxious the emotions you have, the faster it recharges. Looking at this though and given what you guys have been through, you don’t have to worry about recharging it for a long time.”

“Gather everyone. It’s time we went and found Gallius. The fate of everything lies upon us.”

Everyone, including McDanky and General Opyc, had gathered in the courtyard to wish everyone off. Sku and Opyc nodded silently at each other, but that was enough to convey how they felt. Mopb held the compass and the shard of the knife in his hand. He tapped it three times, and a blue portal opened up behind him.

“My new and old friends. It is time for us to depart and to save everything. McDanky, thank you for everything you have done for it over the years. It’s time I repay the favour. I give you a portion of my power.”

McDanky suddenly realized he was levitating and took off, flying around the courtyard. He laughed with glee and landed back in the courtyard.

“Sku, Scooter and Commander. It’s time. Let us leave.”

The four of them stepped into the portal and the portal vanished behind them.

Joyful laughter from McDanky was heard for days afterwards.

The King velociraptor couldn’t believe what happened. Allan had escaped and been rescued by the human settlers. It was weird how his grandfather showed up, asking everyone to worship Preksak. He sat back on his throne in the plaza where they had attempted to sacrifice Commander.

Terry put his talons into his face and started to cry. They really needed that sacrifice. The Three Sisters would not be pleased. It was the only way they kept them at bay and prevented them from destroying both their kingdom and the cities of the human settlers. The humans had been foolish and dangerous.

The wrath of the Three Sisters would not hold. Everything and everyone was now in danger.

The multiverse was now in danger.

The group landed in a strange place. It seemed to be a never-ending series of strange yellow halls with peeling wallpaper. Fluorescent lights that buzzed very loudly could be heard, and the carpets were moist and smelled of mold. It felt like it was an office building stuck in the 1980s, but there was no furniture or people around. The group spent only five minutes exploring the area before Mopb sensed it was the wrong area.

“What is this place? Why is it so weird?” Commander asked.

“It’s the Backrooms. Trust me, you don’t want to get stuck here.” Mopb said.

Mopb opened up another portal, and the group vanished again. A lone black figure that looked like a child’s scribbling emerged and sighed.

“Oh come, man, I just wanted to give you guys some spotted dick and pudding. Not fair.” the creature said.

He stormed off. Hopefully, the next people that visited his realm wanted it. He was so lonely.

The group found themselves in another strange reality. It was Aldara… but everything was circular.

“No! No! No! We are leaving! This is the worst reality of all!” Mopb said

“But it doesn’t seem that bad,” Scooter said

“No! That’s the whole point! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!”

“But I’m eating some corn,” Commander said

‘I don’t f-king care, WE NEED TO GO NOW!”

And just like that, the group took off again. The corn on the cob fell to the ground with a light thud. One of the Aldaran guards approached it and picked it up.

“My god, it’s possible for another shape to exist… I’ll be filthy rich!”

Finally, the group landed in the correct reality. Commander immediately knew where they were.

“My god, it’s the world of the First Age.”

“Welcome… to the reality where the First Age never ended. The golden age of Loka.”

“Come, we must find Gallius. Ne is near.”

Andy lay in the ruins of a town along the river in the mesa biome. Mopb packed one hell of a punch for a Guardian. No matter. His master knew that Mopb was now with the evil ones, the ones that sought to fix the false past. Andy couldn’t help but feel betrayed by his master. He had sent him to this reality to serve as bait for Mopb and to bring him out of hiding.

“It’s time I took things into my own hands,” Andy said.

Andy got up and started walking back toward Velociraptor territory.

“It’s time I assembled an army of my own. To take down Preksak and to find the One Who Sits. Those dinosaurs will serve that purpose well.”

Andy laughed evilly and took off flying. It was time for him to be his own God.



Fixing the Past, Pt. XV (15)

he world of the First Age was beautiful, and Commander was taken away. Commander had heard the tales of what it was like, a place with no rule or laws and just anarchy. But here it looked like a futuristic city.

The group had arrived in a courtyard with tall oak trees overlooking the bustling city below. Flying cars went by and Commander could see people walking along the street far below.

“In this world, the Slicers were able to work with the Guardians to create a utopia. We’re about 5,000 years from the present or when the First World was born. Welcome to Sanya.”

“Here Preksak never existed and never used the harvesters to destroy it.”

“My god, it’s a virtual paradise. It’s beyond perfect.” Sku said.

“Come, we must find Gallious,” said Mopb.

“He’s on the outskirts of town.”

Hitching an air taxi, the group landed outside the megalopolis and came across some ruins. Commander immediately knew what it was.

“Welcome to the ruins of Churchtown,” Mopb said.

The taxi landed and Mopb put in a few shards as payment and slapped it on the side, sending it on its way. It took off far, into the distance.

“Sanya is the homeworld of the Guardians. In our timeline, it’s long since gone.”

“It’s interesting to see what could have been.”

“Where’s Gallius?” Scooter said.

A lone figure appeared, stumbling out of a building with a long red beard, but his eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he had been drinking.

“Gallius,” Sku said.

“Wait… is he a dwarf?” Commander asked

Gallius looked on at the group and spat at them, mumbling to himself, and he started to walk away.

“I thought he was once the funny one,” Commander said

“Well, we all dealt with the death of Crypt very differently. I struggled immensely myself, but McDanky helped pull me out of it. But there was no one to help Gallious.”

“How do we pull him out of it? How do we even know if he wants to help us?” Commander asked

“Hopefully, the appearance of a fellow Guardian rouses him up. I myself had given up hope until you brought me the compass.”

“But it’s going to be a lot of work.”

In the Megapolis, Asymptonic was overlooking the construction, dedicated to the Three Sisters and the original awakening of the Guardians. 5,000 years had passed since they had awoken. He and they want to achieve wonderful things. Using the harvesters, they farmed the solar system to create a vast, galaxy-spanning Empire made up of 150-member worlds. It wasn’t an Empire of conquest, it was one of peace. Worlds joined willingly, and those who didn’t were treated the same as any other, with love and open arms. There were many worlds within the Empire who weren’t members, but still got the benefits.

That was until all the Guardians and Crypt were murdered. Would have thought? Beings of extraordinary power are being murdered like nothing. The cause of how they were murdered is still being debated, even after 1000 years. Was it Preksak? Was it an inside job? Did someone choke on a bagel?

But peering into the multiverse, as Asy usually did, he noticed alternate versions of the Guardians and Crypt seemed to have disappeared from reality. Something was not right and this worried him greatly. Something was happening.

And Preksak’s name was written all over it. In this reality, Asy mused to himself, Preksak never existed. But the legend of his terror was known to all because of Gallius.

Gallius showed up one day randomly in the old ruins of Churchtown crying and screaming. A local farmer found him and brought him before the City Council.

We were shocked to see him, as our version was dead. But we quickly determined he was from an alternate reality. He spoke of worlds and events that never happened in our reality, particularly mentioning other ages. Other ages? What a strange thing.

But he mentioned in a brief moment of lucidity the man he was running from.


Having observed the multiverse, I’d seen what he had done. The City Council immediately jumped into action. Any multiversal travel was banned. We offered Gallius a place to stay in the city, but he was adamant about staying in the old ruins of Churchtown. The poor man seemed stuck in the past, so we let him be.

Asy stopped his train of thought. He focused himself back on the present. One of his assistants walked up to him and politely tapped him on the shoulder.

“President, there is something you should see. We detected beings from another universe.”


“It’s Mopb,”

Another Guardian? That wasn’t good. Preksak was on his way.

The group followed Gallius into the ruins of an old church. The church was mostly preserved with no holes or structural damage to it. There were a few cobwebs in the rafters, but everything was spotless. The wooden pews were in excellent condition.

“Toiongo and I built this place at the beginning of everything. It breaks my heart to see it like this. But given how everything has turned out in this reality, it was worth the sacrifice, apparently.” Mopb said.

Gallius sat down and more empty bottles of alcohol fell over. He briefly fell back before Mopb helped him back up

“What the hell do you want?” Gallius said, finally speaking to the group.

“We come to recruit you, Gallius. We need to save everything from Preksak,” Commander said.

In another moment of lucidity, Gallius’s bloodshot eyes filled with terror and fury.

“How dare you mention his name in my presence! I am a Guardian and I will strike you down!”

A beam of lightning came shooting down, causing Commander to jump out of the way in fear briefly.

Mopb shook Gallius and told him to stop.

“Gallius… you need to snap out of it. We have his compass. We can defeat him.”

Pulling out of his bag, Mopb showed Gallius Preksak’s compass. Gallius gently grabbed it and held it in his hand. Then he started to boil up with fury again. Hot tears came streaming down his face.

“Even with this, you have no chance to defeat him. Leave me and never return. I have no interest in helping you on this suicidal quest. Enjoy getting yourselves killed.”

“But Gallius… we need you. We are calling upon you to fulfill your oath as a Guardian. We need to fix the past,” Scooter said.

“Well, too bad, young lady! I don’t freaking care. I would rather remain here, where the past stays the same and never changes. Where everything was right and well. Where, I don’t have to think of being a Guardian, Preksak, and most definitely not Loka. And most of all… about Cryptite.”

“Gallius, moping around and crying about the past isn’t going to change anything. We are giving you a fighting chance to fix this. To bring Crypt back to life,” Sku said.

“So what? Preksak is fixing something already broken. I know what Mag did, the bastard. He altered the timeline and Preksak winning was the correct way things were meant to go.”

“You truly are a lost cause. Come on guys, let’s leave the bastard to mope and cry,” Mopb said

“Good! I would rather! Get the hell out of here! I never want to see your bloody face again, Mopb! I will kill you! “

The group left and exited the church. How the hell were they going to convince him to save everything? Commander thought.

As the group exited, an air taxi landed, and a figure got out.

“My god… Asy?” Scooter said.

Asymptonic looked out at the group with a smile.

“Hello, my old friends. I need your help. Because of what you have done, Preksak will soon be here. But I know what you have, his compass. We have the power to reject him and his forces because of that”

“Preksak coming is not the issue here. But there is something else. The sun of Sanya is dying. It’s going to go to supernova in the next 500 years. The compass is the only way we can stop it.”

The city of the velociraptors was on fire. Terry hid in fear under his throne. There was no warning, as the guards of the lookout tower had been killed like they were nothing. Their most fierce warriors mowed down like grass, and soon the city would fall. Why would the humans come back and cause such destruction and chaos? They got Allan like they wanted, and they never violated the treaty. Terry was willing to forgive the incursion into their territory as the humans were saving one of their one, despite the fact they desperately needed the sacrifice to save themselves from the wrath of the Three Sisters. But Terry figured smaller animal sacrifices would keep them at bay for the time being.

A lone figure appeared in front of Terry’s throne and threw it up into the air. It was Allan’s grandfather.

“You will submit before me. Your race will make an excellent army for me. I will give you the humans you so need to save your race from the wrath of the Three Sisters. We march on Sandeste when daylight comes.” Andy said.

“But I don’t want to hurt the humans. We have been at peace for so long,” Terry said.

“Too bad.”

Beams of purple lightning shot out of Andy’s hand, hitting Terry. Terry knew what it was. It was the Blight. Andy had converted his race into mindless soldiers, ready to serve him at a whim. Terry would become another mindless soldier in this evil man’s army.

Three Sisters, save us all, Terry thought

Terry felt blackness overcome him and there was nothing more.



Fixing the Past, Pt. XVI (16)

“We don’t have time for this, Asy,” Commander said

“We’re only for Gallius. We’ve been through enough. Do you know what it's like to be beaten up by an evil version of yourself and nearly become dinner to dinosaurs?”

“Um… no,” Asy said

“There’s far more at stake here than one universe’s sun,” Scooter said

“But given how Gallius isn’t with you, I assume you’ve failed to convince him to join you,” Asy said

“So, I’m going to need you to hand over the compass before this gets messy.”

“You realize we have a Guardian with us? You stand no chance against us.” Sku said

“Oh, I know. But you see, I know Gallius is at a weaker power level due to the condition of his health. In fact, we’ve been putting into his alcohol to nullify his powers and make him easier to kill. Guards, bring him out.”

Suddenly, white-clad stormtroopers landed on the ground. Their helmets and armour reminded Commander vaguely of clone troopers from Star Wars. They all had jet packs on them and they all aimed their guns at the group.

Gallius was brought out by five stormtroopers, and they shoved him to the ground. Gallius just lay there and moaned and it looked like he was reaching for another jug of beer.

“If you don’t give me the compass, I will have to kill him. I don’t want to do it, as he’s one of the last remaining Guardians and it would be a tragedy to kill him. I want to resolve this peacefully.”

“Oh so by aiming guns at us and threatening to kill a Guardian that’s how you plan to resolve this peacefully? That doesn’t very peaceful to me.” Mopb said

“I am a man of peace, but I am not afraid to use desperate measures when needed. Give me the compass and I will let you go.”

“We need to save everything, including your universe,” Commander said.

“Well, it looks like we’re at a stalemate. Guards…”

But right before Asy gave the command to kill Gallius, a shot rang out across the town. Everyone turned in shock and looked at Commander.

Commander had been shot in the chest.

“Ah damn it, not again.”

These were his last words, as he fell to the ground, the life force leaving his body.

Commander was dead.

Chaos erupted all over Churchtown as the stormtroopers opened fire on two figures.

“Oh god, it’s the Head Hunters.” Scooter said.

The group took off and ducked behind a stone wall for cover but Scooter went running back for Commander’s body.

“Scooter! What the hell are you doing?”

“He’s not dead! I can sense it! He’s still alive!”

“Scooter! No! You saw what happened! Commander is as good as gone! Come on! We need to get Gallius and get out of here.”

But Scooter wasn’t listening. She ran up to his body under the cover of gunfire and placed her fingers on Commander’s neck. There was no pulse. His eyes had a glassy look to them and blood was pouring out from the wound. Commander was really dead.

“No! No!” Scooter started to scream but two stormtroopers grabbed her and took off.

The rest of the group was also quickly surrounded by stormtroopers.

“Shit,” Sku said.

Mopb suddenly got up and flew away.

“Where the hell are you going?” Sku asked.

“To stop the Head Hunters and confront Asy. I must avenge Commander.”

“No! No! We need to stick together!” Sku said as stormtroopers grabbed him.

“I’m sorry, Sku. There is a certain way things are meant to go. This is how we can save everyone. I will come to rescue you and Scooter.”

“What do you mean?”

But Sku never got an answer to that, as Mopb flew away.

They were utterly fucked.

Asy was surprised to see these cyborgs. According to his readings, they were from an alternate universe. But why hasn’t Preksak come himself? Why send his lackeys to do his dirty work? The Head Hunters fired off more shots, sending stormtroopers falling to the ground.

Asy himself had to do his best to avoid being shot at. He then saw Mopb flying up and sending Evil_X to the ground. Evil_X got up, cracked his neck, brushed himself off, and took off flying again for Mopb.

“Your reign of terror ends here,” Mopb said

“Now until we get your head,” Pac_Man said

The two Head Hunters pinned Mopb to the ground and Pac_Man morphed his arm into an axe, getting ready to kill him. Asy couldn’t stand by and let him die. He needed him in order to save their star and the multiverse. Asy came out and yelled at the two:

“Hello, boys! I’m back!” Asy yelled.

Only Pac_Man bothered to look up and dismissed him as a minor annoyance.

“I’m sorry, Mopb. This is gonna hurt like a bitch.” Asy said

Pulling a remote control out of his pocket, Asy activated one of the Harvesters.

Up above, in space one of the Harvesters came to life. It had been 1000 years, but it worked like a charm. A massive red laser came shooting out of it, aiming straight for Churchtown.

As the axe of Pac_Man’s arm just cut into the flesh of Mopb, a red light blasted over them and they both let out screams. Their flesh and cyborg implants were being slowly dissolved. Mopb was screaming the loudest.

Soon, a massive crater surrounded Mopb’s body, along with the charred remains of the Head Hunters. A single red light that covered part of the skull of Pac_Man’s skull was still active. Asy picked it up and crushed it in his hands. Asy leaned down to look at Mopb.

Every part of Mopb’s part was the colour of soot and his hair had been burned off.

Mopb rose up and whispered one thing in a croaking voice.

“I hate you.”

And then he collapsed to the ground, fast asleep.

Gallius awoke the next morning with a thumping headache. This was the first time in years he'd suffered from a hangover. Usually, he would just get more drunk to avoid dealing with the pain.

Rising up from the pew he fell asleep in, he remembered what happened.

The Battle with Asy and his forces and his Head Hunters.

And the death of the one called Commander. Gallius suddenly felt a deep shame and depression over what happened. If he hadn’t been in one of his drunken stupors, Commander would still be alive. Commander had come to him asking for help and he failed him. A brave man had died as a result of his inaction. He had failed in his sacred duty as a Guardian.

This was enough to shake Gallius awake into action. Enough was enough. Feeling sorry for himself and moping around in the past, wasn’t going to fix anything. Commander and Mopb had come to him with a solution to fix the wrongs of the past and fix everything. He had the power to bring Cryptite back. Now, it was time for him to return the favour.

To bring Commander back to life.



Fixing the Past, Pt. XVII (17)
Commander awoke in a black void.

“Where am I? The Upside Down?” Commander said

“No, why would you be upside down?” a voice said

‘Tee?” Commander said.

Wizardteepot stood over Commander and helped up to his feet.

“Welcome to the space between spaces and universes.”

Commander looked down at the floor and saw white tendrils spreading out across as far as the horizon.

What is this?” Commander asked

“ This is the multiverse, my old friend.”
Tee walked Commander over to a group of people and he was shocked at who he saw.

MagPieMan, Sku with hair… and Cryptite.

“Crypt?” Commander whispered

“The reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated,” Crypt said with a laugh

“Welcome Commander. We have a lot to catch you up to speed on.” MagPieMan said.

Commander was shocked. Unique temporal profile? Him being one of the only people that could access the realm of the One Who Sits?

And that Mag had altered time and created an alternate timeline. Everything after the Third Age wasn’t meant to happen.

“But why? If things are meant to go this way, why stop it? It could break time and the universe.”

“Well, that’s where you come in, Commander. We want to go to the realm of the One Who Sits and split our timelines into two. We can preserve history as it’s meant to be, but also allow our timeline to exist as it was.” Crypt said

“So, if I reach this… god? Should I call him that? I need to ask him to do that?”


“So, I’m also dead right now, right? How do I return to the land of the living?”

“Well… Gallius and I should be able to fix that.” MagPieMan said

“But Gallius refused to help us and was more concerned with getting drunk.”

“But thanks to your death, it’s motivated him to bring you back to life. A rarely used power as Guardians we have is the ability to bring someone back to life. We don’t use it as we don’t want to abuse it, but we have to look past it in this case.”

“But most importantly, how do I reach you after this?”

“DiablocalMech will have the power to bring you back here. You must awaken him from his ancient slumber.’

“Please tell me he’s not in some obscure alternate reality where everyone and everything wants to kill me?”

“Unfortunately I can’t tell you without the compass. Come, it is time for you to return to the land of the living.”

MagPieMan grabbed Commander by the arm and started chanting. His eyes rolled back in his head.

The space between spaces disappeared and Commander found himself flying away, into places unknown.

‘So, Commander has died right? That fulfills part of what is meant to happen?” Alt Sku said

“No… he must truly die in a metaphorical and physical sense. Commander did die, yes. But he must die again, for good to save us all.” MagPieMan said.

“Why didn’t you tell him that?”

“Because it might not happen.”

Commander woke up, feeling incredibly sore. Looking over him was Gallius, whose eyes had rolled back in his head. His chanting stopped.

‘You’re alive! Thank the Three Sisters!’

“And you’re not drunk anymore. You owe me.”


“Because I got shot and freaking died, man! All of this to convince you to join us… anyway, I come with news from Mag.”

Commander went on to explain to Gallius where MagPieMan was and how they needed to awaken DiablocialMech to reach him. He also explained the rest of what MagPieMan had told him.

“ The One Who Sits? I thought that was a bloody myth.”

“ It’s real and because I come from a different universe, for some reason I’m one of the few who can reach him.”

“Come, we must go rescue Skukoo and Scooter.”

“I’m sorry, Commander. I can’t. They’ve nullified my powers. It took a lot of my power to bring you back to life.”

Commander suddenly heard a voice in his head. Gallius too seemed to be able to hear it also. It was Mag.

“How would you like to have the powers of a Guardian, Commander?”

Asy brought Sku, Scooter and Mopb to the central citadel. It overlooked the park down below with the statues dedicated to the Three Sisters and the Guardians. He held the compass in his hands, turning it over. He was going to save his sun. But how would he be able to save everything else?

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, he thought. He would have to figure it out later.

Mopb was taken to a hospital ward in order to heal him while Sku and Scooter were freed.

“I’m sorry if everything resorted to needless violence. My deepest condolences for your friend, Commander.”

“You’re not sorry, you stupid bastard. All of this could have been avoided if you allowed us to leave with Gallius.” Sku said.

“I will give you back the compass once I’m done here. I promise.”

“How can we trust you?” Scooter asked

“Because I am one of the few beings who is capable of holding it. I helped create the thing to begin with.”

“Wait, I thought you said Preksak never existed in your timeline. How is that possible?” Sku asked

“Wait… are you thinking I’m an alternate reality version of myself? No, I assure you. I’m your Asy.”

“We need your help then. You were colleagues with Preksak. You must know how his tech works.”

“I do, but I don’t stand a chance against him. You’ve heard and seen what he’s done. He’s slaughtered trillions of Guardians and versions of Cryptite. It would be insane to go up against him. “

“I came to this universe after Crypt was killed at the Battle of the Spire. I do like Gallius, seeking to go back to the beginning, where things were pure and simpler. I did what many versions of myself have done across time and space; awaken the Guardians. I made the perfect universe. One where Preksak never existed and where I knew what was going to happen. One where I could control destiny and create the perfect world for all Lokans.”

“But what about free will?”

‘Free will? Free will? You know what was truly meant to happen. Preksak was always destined to win the Battle of the Spire. Wait, what’s with the look on your faces? Oh… you don’t know, do you? You don’t know what Mag did.”

“What did he do?” Sku asked

“He changed everything.”

Commander felt power surging through his body and Gallius broke out in applause.

“Bravo! Bravo!” he cheered

Commander heard Mag’s voice in his head again:

“Now, Andy. I have temporarily given you a fraction of both my power and Gallius’s. I can only give you so much while I’m in this other realm. My tether to your reality is limited but through Gallius, I gave you our power. It would only last for five hours. Go now and save everyone.”

“Yes sir,” Commander responded out loud.

Commander took flying off, leaving Gallius in the dust. Gallius mused to himself and said a lot to Mag:

“Care for a drink, old friend?”

Scooter and Sku were in shock about what they had learned. Mag had intentionally altered time to be different. But given the future that they found themselves in the first place, the alternative was the preferred choice.

“So Preksak alone is trying to fix something that is broken?” Scooter said.

“Yes, I understand how this must be a shock. But I will help you once I’m done trying to save our sun. I was responsible for the creation of this blasted thing so I might as well see the thing through.”

Given how the Head Hunters had already arrived and were killed by Asy, Sku was willing to give him the chance.

“How long do you need the compass for?”

“Oh… about a year.”

“ A year? A year? We don’t have that type of time.”

“Well, I’m sorry but Preksak is not going to be able to achieve his plan without this. As long as it’s safe here with me, we can delay the inevitable.”

“If you’re self-assured in your abilities, have you ever thought for once what would happen if you overestimate your abilities?” Sku asked

“I’m the most powerful scientist across all of the multiverse. I can go toe to toe with the Guardians. I am one of the few beings that can wield the compass without going mad. I have defeated Preksak before and I shall do it again.”

“Guards, please escort our guests to their quarters and process their applications to become citizens. I don’t want this to be a painful stay for you and you are welcome to roam the city and the world, under the watchful eyes of my guard. But I will make it painful if I have to.”

The stormtroopers nudged both Sku and Scooter away down a long white hallway. Asy was finally alone. Bringing the compass to a platform with a white tube over it, he attached it to a machine with wires. A green beam shot out of the compass and Asy looked through his nearby telescope. The redness of their home star was diminishing, causing Asy to breathe a sigh of relief.

All the theoretical tests and experiments were proven real and successful. He would save his world and the multiverse. Now, he had to deal with Mopb and Gallius. And to arrange a funeral for Commander. That was a death that was not meant to happen.

It was funny, how given in this reality, Commander was president before Asy. But he was slaughtered trying to protect the Guardians from the Head Hunters and Preksak. This Commander deserved the same level of respect as this reality’s version.

Asy walked away and activated a forcefield around the compass, to prevent it from being stolen. It was meant to be able to withstand the power of Guardians or beings like Asy himself. Asy walked away with a hand to his forehead, trying to rub off a headache. There was still a lot of work ahead for him.

As Asy had walked away, something was happening with the compass. Deep in space, far away from the First World, the sun was shrinking down to its normal state. But suddenly, it grew 2 times as big as it originally was before the intervention of the compass. The redness of it only grew more intense.

Asy’s plan was not working



Fixing the Past, Pt. XVIII (18)

“Warning. Warning. The mass of the sun has increased exponentially. 200 years left until supernova.”

How did everything go so wrong? Asy thought.

How could I let my hubris get the better of me? I’ve let our civilization die faster.

I should have listened to Sku and Scooter.

As Asy was running more tests in his lab, reports from around the globe were pouring in. The ice caps had fully melted and floods were being reported from all over. Massive forest fires had broken out. The weather net would replenish and fix everything, but it served as a warning.

His sun was destined to die, no matter what. It was time to look for other worlds.

No, he wouldn’t let this world go so easily. He had worked so hard to create the perfect civilization and world. He was Asy, the greatest scientist in all the multiverse, and he wouldn’t allow something like a dying star to stop him.

He would only work harder. As he was turning around to face the compass again, he heard the sound of shattering glass.


Standing in front of him, having broken through the glass, was a very angry Commander 12.

“But you died…. I SAW YOU DIE!”

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings,” Commander said

Commander lunged at Asy, slamming him into his lab, causing the compass to fall to the ground. Commander kept landing hit after hit on him.

“I didn’t kill you! It was the Head Hunters.”

“I don’t care. All because of you, I died. If you had just let us go, I wouldn’t be here beating you to death.”

Commander lifted up Asy, who tried to fight back. Commander then slammed him to the ground, creating a crater around him and knocking him out cold. Commander spat at him on the ground.

“So much for having the same powers as a Guardian.”

Commander walked over and picked up the compass and put it in his pocket. It was time to go save everyone else.

A few moments later, Commander had Sku, Scooter, and Mopb, along with Gallius back. They were back in Asy’s main lab, where he was still out cold.

Commander had caught them all up on how Gallius and MagPieMan had brought him back. He also told them he was one of the few people capable of reaching the One Who Sits. Mopb also used his power to remove the restraints Asy had put upon him.

“So, where is Diab?” asked Sku

“I don’t know. The compass is the only way we’ll be able to find him.” Commander said.

“And how we help Asy? The compass didn’t work and only made things worse,” Mopb said.

“When we find the One Who Sits, he’ll be able to help us,” Commander said.

It was nighttime in the city and despite the chaos of the day, cars were flying by normally and the weather net was protecting the planet from the sun.

Soon, a purplish light filled up the sky. Commander felt the ends of his hair stand up. With the limited power he had been given by the Guardians, he knew who it was.

Preksak has arrived.

Gallius, Commander and Mopb all stood up and walked towards the window. Floating towards the group was Preksak. Commander could sense it wasn’t one of his artifices, it was the real him.

“Commander 12! Back from the dead! We all love a good resurrection story! Too bad it was all for nothing!”

Commander felt something grab his ankle, and he realized it was Asy. Asy had a look of murder in his eyes, but he let go once he saw Preksak floating. Joining the group at the window, Preksak continued to talk.

“You killed my beloved Head Hunters, so therefore, I’m going to kill you. For the last time.”

Preksak came flying forward and blasted through the window, flying off with Commander. Mopb, Gallius and Asy all tried to stop Preksak from grabbing him, but it was too late. He was too fast.

“How much longer will his powers last?” Mopb asked

“Only an hour. Commander will die again if we don’t get to him in time.”

Preksak and Commander fought, but Preksak refused to let go. They flew through buildings, causing them to collapse, sending glass and steel flying everywhere. Preksak then grabbed Commander by the shoulders and smacked him hard back down to Earth. A giant crater had been created around Commander. Preksak started whaling away at him, but Commander grabbed him by the wrist and flipped him over. Commander then was able to get a few good shots off of Preksak, causing him to momentarily stumble. Commander then picked him up again and took him flying up into space.

Now in the space above Sanya, Commander knew what he had to do. A harvester was floating nearby and Commander flew with Preksak into one. A massive explosion went off, destroying the harvester quickly, and sending bits down into the atmosphere. It just harmlessly bounced off the planetary shield.

Commander could feel his power slipping. The effects of his resurrection were starting to wear off. Soon, he would be back to being a regular Joe. Commander sensed Mopb and Gallius also flying up. Preksak managed to get a hit on Commander, being distracted momentarily by the arrival of the rest of the Guardians.

As Commander floated off, flying around, Mopb and Gallius jumped in.

“Commander’s quest has succeeded in one way so far; he brought three of the people I need to achieve my goal.”

“You’re never going to win Preksak. You never loved your son. He was a freak and an experiment to you.” Gallius said

“Oh, that thing? That abomination who claimed to be my son? That was never my real son. That was an imposter trying to steal some of my power. Drixian was a real person, and he is dead because of you!”

Preksak unleashed a giant ball of flame, but it had no effect on Gallius and Mopb.

They both flew straight at Preksak, landing punch after punch, but Preksak was simply not giving up. Nobody could stop him. And then Commander came from behind, whacking Preksak in the knees. Preksak grimaced in pain, temporarily. But Preksak wasn’t truly there. This was his physical body and not one of his artifices, but he was on two battlefields simultaneously.

The second one was inside Scooter’s mind.

Asy, Sku and Scooter were watching back in the citadel from cameras aboard the harvesters. So far, they have destroyed three. Asy’s big concern was if they flew to the sun. If it went supernova, all of them would be dead, plus the millions of other Lokans. Asy said a prayer to the Three Sisters, something he never usually did as a man of science.

“If they get too close to the sun, it’ll go supernova,” Asy said

‘Shit.” was all Sku could say

Scooter felt a headache building in the front of her head and she tried rubbing her temples to ease it. It was not easy looking at her former captor, who had tortured her and drained her of her life force for 50 years.

But she never knew why. Sure, she could understand why Preksak wanted the Guardians. But why her? Scooter suddenly felt her body go numb, and the last thing she saw were the faces of Sku and Asy, but she couldn’t hear them. The blackness soon washed over her.

Scooter found herself awake in an endless blue void. The floor moved like waves, along with the sky. She knew where she was. She was in the Astral Realm. She wasn’t alone. Turning around, she saw Preksak.

“Have you ever wondered why I tortured you all those years? Drained you of your life force? Why does only one of you exist in the multiverse? Why are you always destined to die?”

“You never ever meant to be born… Guardian spawn.”

“Stop it with your lies. I’m not falling for it.”

“Oh, but you know the truth deep down inside of you, Scooter. You’ve always known. You know who your father is.”

Scooter tried to stop the flood of images washing through her mind. Preksak created a giant astral hand and picked her up and brought her close to his face. She could feel his breath on her face. She cringed and tried not to open her eyes at him.

“Open them. OPEN THEM!” Preksak yelled.

Scooter felt her eyes being forced open.

“Your father is the fifth and forgotten Guardian… Syris. The Banished One.”

“You are destined to follow in his path and become the next great dark sorceress. You, yourself, will lead to the downfall of the Guardians and will bring Loka into a new age of dark magic and evil. You will become the most powerful being, even surpassing me and rivalling the Three Sisters. MagPieMan had you die so that this fate wouldn’t happen.”

“No! No! You’re trying to manipulate and trick me. My parents were soldiers that died fighting against you!”

“Your adopted ones were. Your real father is him.”

“But if you come with me and give me the compass, I can change your fate. I can allow you to live in a timeline where none of this happens. Where everything and everyone is alright.”

“Get. Out. Of. My. Head!” Scooter screamed.

A huge flash of dark magic wiped over the astral plain, removing Preksak from it and bringing Scooter back to consciousness.

Asy and Sku saw Scooter’s body start to lift. That’s when the dark magic started to happen around her.

“Dark magic? But how? It hasn’t been around… since Syris.” Asy said

“Who’s that?” Sku asked.

‘The Banished One… the fifth and forgotten Guardian.”

Blasts of dark energy flew around the room, destroying windows and knocking over more and more of Asy’s equipment. A stormtrooper rushed in but before Asy could warn him to stay away, he was hit with a blast of dark energy, causing him to be vaporized into a cloud of dust. Sku heard his painful screams and tried not to watch as he was destroyed.

Scooter then stopped floating and was brought back gently to the ground. Sku could see her eyes open and he ran over to her.

“Scooter? What’s going on? Why are you projecting dark magic?”

“I am something I need to tell all of you. I finally know the truth.”

The battle between the Guardians and Preksak dragged on. Most of the orbiting harvesters had been destroyed. It was a stalemate.

Preksak knew what he must do to win. Preksak grabbed Commander by the shoulders and took off flying at supersonic speeds. Commander tried to resist, but he was slowly losing his powers. He was no match for Preksak. Commander could sense Mopb and Gallius attempting to fly after him.

The sun of Sanya was getting closer and closer. The red hue of it was blinding to Commander. And then, Commander felt intense heat like nothing before. He felt as if every part of his body was on fire. And then blackness again.

And then an explosion and Commander saw things no human has ever seen before. The death of a star from within.

The sun of Sanya had gone supernova.



Fixing the Past, Pt. XIX (19)

Commander awoke in a cold, dark room made of stone. He felt his body, and there were no burn marks or bruises on him. He still had the compass in his pocket. But if Preksak had grabbed him and caused a star to go supernova, why did he still have the compass?

Most importantly, how the hell was he still alive? And where was everyone else? Commander saw someone stirring out of the corner of his eye. It was Gallius.

"Gallius, I swear to God if I died again and this is the proper afterlife, I’m going to freaking lose it again."

"No, we’re still alive, and we’re in another alternate reality now. I can sense the presence of everyone else nearby. Come, let’s find them."

Commander and Gallius left the room they were in and came to a hallway with darkly lit torches that provided enough illumination for them to see. The hallway was just like the cell, with damp stone walls with vines and cobwebs growing over them.

In a nearby room, Sku, Mopb, Scooter and Asy were all up and moving. But Asy looked furious.

"You bastards! You caused millions of Lokans to die because of your stupid fighting! I swear to g-"

Mopb put a finger to his lips and said:

"We seek the realm of the One Who Sits. Commander is the only one among us who can reach that realm. He can restore your world and more if he reaches him.

" A supreme being? A creator of everything? I don’t believe in such bullshit."

"You’ve literally seen magic, Asy, with your own eyes."

"Magic is just science we can’t understand."

"That’s one way to look at it, I suppose. But most importantly, how did we get here?"

Scooter stood up and spoke:

"I brought us here using dark magic."

Sku and Asy both looked like they knew something that the rest of the group didn’t know.

"Preksak attacked me in the Astral Plain... and awoke a truth in me I hadn’t thought about for years. I am the daughter of Sryis, the Fallen Guardian. He showed me my fate and how I’m destined to destroy the Guardians and bring Loka into a new age of dark magic and evil."

None of the current Guardians present batted an eye or showed any emotion on their faces. It was like this was an everyday occurrence for them.

"We know what MagPieMan did was wrong, killing you to save everyone. We hope to correct that." Gallius said

"But I understand what he did... and I would do the same thing if I were in his position, I suppose. I don’t want to turn into that horrible monster, and if I have to die to save everyone, then let it be. But we can still change my fate if we get to the One Who Sits. I’ve already died before."

Commander said:

"But Scooter, you don’t deserve to die. That’s in the future, and we can change it, right? Now that you know, we can stop it, right?"

"It’s a fixed point in time, Commander. It’s going to happen regardless of what I do or MagPieMan does. No matter how much you try to change a timeline, it only leads to more alternate realities and timelines. The actual point in time will still happen. We need to get to the One Who Sits to stop it. We can delay it for as long as possible too, I suppose."

"But most importantly, I have brought us to where DiabolicalMech is."

" How can we wake him?" Sku asked

"I’m not sure, maybe splash some cold water on his face?" Mopb said

"This isn’t the time for jokes, Mopb! We are in great mortal danger!" Gallius said

"Oh, relax, old friend. We could use a little levity right now. Commander was literally thrown into a freaking star and saw it go supernova. Speaking of which, what did you see that happened, Commander?"

Commander paused for a moment to reflect on what he saw.

"I’m not sure. My mind couldn’t quite process it all. I just remember seeing colors and the heat was unlike anything I ever felt. And the pressure felt like I had 10,000 anvils on my chest. If I didn’t have the power of the Guardians, I would have died or gone insane from it all."

Commander turned to Asy and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Asy, I will do everything in my power to restore your world. It’s my fault that it was destroyed."

Asy still looked like he had fury in his eyes, closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

"If the Guardians say the One Who Sits is real, then I believe them. Also, I want to stick it to Preksak for destroying everything I have ever created or loved. As a scientist, this is also an excellent opportunity to discover the origin of the universe."

As the group was talking, heavy footsteps could be heard down the tunnel. It sounded like someone was dragging their foot, and thump, thump, thump was all that could be heard.

Commander and Sku aimed the guns they had on them at the figure slowly emerging into the dim light. Soon, they came to a stop. A man wearing nothing but a kelt with strange patterns, dark black hair, and a beard came into the light.

" Memrme3 I am. Memrme3 welcomes you to the Second Age."

Preksak was furious. His plan to turn Scooter away from the rest of the group had failed. How dare she defy fate? No matter, he thought. Regardless of the timeline, no matter where she existed, she would always turn evil. It would have been incredibly useful to have someone like her, naturally adept in dark magic, but his technology would make up for the shortfall.

After Scooter had teleported everyone away to an alternate reality, Preksak found himself floating in the spaces between universes, looking at an endless field of stars. Where they had gone, he did not know. He wasn’t able to track them anymore. There was also one other glaring issue that needed to be taken care of.

The evil version of Commander 12. Summoning a knife, Preksak selected the reality of where he was. It was time to muster the forces.

Because the battle would be coming to him soon.

Andy had converted every single velociraptor he found into his Mindless Ones, he called them. A hyper-intelligent army capable of killing anyone in seconds. The ruins of the Vecliratpor city were all charred, and nothing remained of them. It was like it had been nuked.

The velociraptors themselves had turned purple, and fungus had started to grow out of their bodies. They didn’t worship Preksak; they worshipped him. Soon, he brought about what they desired most. The destruction of the cities of Sandeste and Vantis was long a thorn in the side of the velociraptors. Then, they would spread out into the multiverse and spread the Blight as far as they could. Andy stood over them all, looking at the thousands of dinosaurs below.

"Minions! It is time for us to destroy Sandeste! Reclaim this world in the name of the Blight! And most of all, to defeat Preksak! Praise be to me!" Andy yelled

Roars and clicks echoed off the valley wall. But Andy felt a gust of wind behind him. A blue portal opened up, and Andy spit at the figure emerging from it. It was Preksak.

"My former loyal servant, plotting on betraying me... with dinosaurs. My, oh my. This is by far one of the stupidest things a variant of Commander 12 has done. And that’s not saying much."

"How dare you insult me! I am Andy, Lord of the Blight, spreader of destruction!"

"But you are still my servant. Kneel." Preksak said

Andy couldn’t control himself. Because of Preksak’s control over the Blight, he had control over Andy. Andy forcefully kneeled in front of Preksak. Barely restrained fury poured throughout his body, but he was being restricted by Preksak.

" I will give you your freedom and allow you to spread as much chaos as you want. But I need you and your army in order to make sure everything goes to plan."

"You are meant to serve me and no one else. And to help me purge the timeline of yourself, Commander 12."

An interesting turn of events, Andy thought to himself. He was willing to put aside his grudge against his former master for now.

If it meant he got the chance to kill the man who wronged him so badly.