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Footballman325 reformatted Sentry application

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New Member
How old are you: 16

Current Rank: slicer

Applying for: sentry

What do I Think is Expected of this rank:
I believe that what is expected of this rank is that you help new players, help to stop any hacking (xraying, flying, etc.) ,make sure that others around you follow the rules of loka, and that there is increased responsibility upon yourself to abide by the rules and to help maintain a proper image of the server to new players as it is an admin rank.

Why do i think i should be this rank:
I think i should be made this rank because i have been a longtim member of the server and active throughout most of it and this is also the only server that i have truly enjoyed and stayed on for any length of time. I also have ensured that those around me have followed the rules and i myself have never broken any rules of the server aside from one small confusion involving livestock many months ago. I believe that also the admin status of this rank would allow me to better ensure that the server community continues to maintain a positive image for the server and that those around me continue to be productive members of the server.

When Did i join the server: February 2012

My time zone is CST (-6:00)

How often do i play (hours a day/week) i try to play as much as i can currently i am playing roughly 3-4 hours a day and it is a bit less during the school year


Staff member
Due to your inactivity, football, we cannot grant you the rank of Sentry. Should you return and become an active member of the server again, you may then choose to apply again for this rank if you'd like to.
Not open for further replies.