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Golem Farming


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Auto killing them is a no no. If we say manually killing them and not allowing them to be trapped, we could allow people to kill them for the iron providing it is less efficient than mining.


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Copy and paste from the other thread.

Well our original problem with Iron Golems is that the bank could be used to turn iron into diamonds or emeralds for NPC trading. We can still turn them into diamonds until Asymp finishes the bank changes, but 1.4 Bukkit has accidentally removed all villagers. Even once these villagers are replaced their trades will fall under the plugin that was recently installed. The plugin does need a bit of tuning, but even as it is there is very little room for abuse.

Once the bank is changed we still still be able to use these Golem farms to fund generators, so I would still argue that they should have to be slain by a sword. I helped clean up HC's problem last month. Two hundred golems took about an hour to kill and I died seven times. When at last we were finished I walked away with nine stacks of ingots. It's a lot, but you can get more mining.


I support letting us have Iron golem breeding factories :eek:D Iron is only worth .5 at the banks now........that's nothing


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I just came across this issue, but I think that cobblestone walls around the farm should be permitted (to the point where they are not suffocating or being captured). This is so that other mobs (passive and aggressive) will not get in and the golems will not wander off. My golems have been falling into the ocean, which makes them almost impossible to kill and will eventually start to build up down there and potentially slow down the server.


I just wanted to have a clarification of the rules.

Iron Golem Spawning is allowed.

Automatic machines to kill them is not allowed.

Their death must come from an attack that the player has instigated (Player/Hostile mob/dog/potion/etc.) And must be done manually with player assistance. Meaning that golems deaths would not happen without the player being there and that what ever is hitting the golem can be hit back by the golem.

What About the area which you have them taken to? can it be a confined location to minimize roaming and to reduce them wandering into places that can impede the player. If so what is the minimum area that they can be confined too. I would say a 50x50 area would be minimum.

Please let me know if these are acceptable for the standard use of golem spawning and any discussion is appreciated.