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Hearts of Iron IV: Renatus Char | A Developers Diary


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Update: The raiders have yet to be found however Sandsete has backups to all lost books. The archives hidden within the town ensure we can recover during such unfortunate events. The library is back to full functionality and is now accepting visitors once again.
The library was burned down. Nothing remains!


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Dev Diary:
So many things have been done. Finally got github to work, have a rough idea how the Sylvis, Trident, and Aladran Focus Trees will work

- Sylvis: There will be several back and forth major battles. These battle will already be decided. Over the course of these battles, each Sylvian will die, however new NPC like Sylvians will take their place.

So this incentivizes the player to end the civil war as fast as possible (unless they're going for a new Sylvis timeline).

Each event will give a national spirit to the nation, with a negative, and an equal positive spirit for the other nation. This will eventually somewhat equalize once the four major Sylvians die, also each Sylvian will have a specific trait.

Lower Sylvis:
- FoxyBearGames: Pioneer of Mobile Warfare: Having seen Trench Warfare expand to unseen levels due to adawee's fortification bonuses. He's forced to adapt around, and he believes throwing larger shells at fortifications will lead to victory. He will be the first to develop the first Tank, and the first Railway Gun.
This storyline is expected to take aorund 3-4 years to fulfill, but by the end of it, mobile Warfare will be built and defined.

- koi0001: Aviation Scientist: With the land now beint eradicated due to the workings of FoxyBearGames and adawee re-engineering land warfare, koi thought of another idea, the airspace. Currently no-one is taking advantage of it, so he'd steal a division from Foxy, and start the creation of an airforce that will destroy the backlines, logistics, and morale of the opposing Sylvan Forces. This is expected to take 2-3 years to complete. He will develop the first airplane, and with that, the creation of the first Fighters & Close-Air Support Fighter. Due to kois advances, Loka grows closer to more modern means of fighting.

Upper Sylvis:
adawee: Emperor of Engineering: What is a fortress? That is a question adawee is about to define, as he turns the entirety of Upper Sylvis into an impenetrable fortress. The fortress he's about to build, is to cause so many casualties, that it forces the opponents hands to the negotiation table, allowing Upper Sylvis to break free from the imperialistic wrath of FoxyBearGames. This storyline is expected to take the longest, as 4-5 years. With adawee helping to develop industry to untold levels, and helping to create an anti-air division to ward off kois "Buzzers".

Zachary_N_Kaleno: Naval Magnate: After being the only Sylvan to see first hand the Battle of Dhanri Point. Which was a small, yet massively influential battle between the Sylvi and the Trident Battles that occurred due to a simple debt dispute. The battle would see its first action of air Warfare, which Kaleno would be inspired by to build a new navy with when the Thirty Days came to be. (The Thirty Days was a time of rapid escalation prior to the Sylvis Civil War that would lead to the war.) He would believe that starving the Lower Sylvians of war material such as iron, lava, and coal will leave them low on material to continue their offensives. He would also help to Pioneer the Aircraft Carrier, & Naval Aviation massively. This storyline is expected to take 1-2 years to finish.

There will be several other minor Sylvis Characters. But this will help to inspire other nations across Char, who will send military representatives to the Deadlands to observe and watch the crisis, along with, to Aladra.

Aladra, each major party will have several characters to help improve Warfare in different capacities. To Shorten this due to the influence of Aladra, I will only mention the major leaders, and their respective factions.

State of Aladra: Dhanris Faction
- Enthusiastic Conscriptioneer: As the war begins to drive into the homes of Aladra, the first month mass mobilization and mass Conscription would be put into effect. This would be the first time anyone on Char would conscript to such a level, forcing Dhanris hand to cancel elections until the war was over, essentially becoming a dictator over Aladra.
- Sap, Sap, Sap: Mines would be placed everywhere on Aladra, no-matter where you walked, or even swam, you could be blown up. So a division of sappers would be created to destroy enemy mines, creation the first Sappers.

Combined Socialists of Aladra: Frodii's Faction
- Big Boys have Big Guns: Having been pushed off Aladra, or having little hold on Aladra, Frodii is forced to contend with the small territories and resource isles which he controls. With this, he needs a big navy, and he believes the larger the gun, the more it can defend. So a Naval focus on Battleships and Battlecruisers is put in place.
- Synthetic Resources: With resources low, and the resource isles completely drained, synthetic alternatives wouldnbe created for many materials, including iron, lava, diamonds, and gold.

Union of Aladra: Lenrith's Faction
- Logistics Mastermind: With the industrial giants of Aladra & the world behind him, the only problem he will have to solve, is the logisticw of supplying his troops. These modern systems will be studied by all to see how it can be implemented in their towns.
- Decrypt this Crypt: With history showing that having your plans hidden is the best course of action, Lenrith would take this to a whole new level, by introducing high level decryption through numerous high end computers. A level of communication is achieved that wole be hard to decipher.
New Aladra: "The Harbinger's" Faction
- Espionage Cat: You simply can't hide information from the Harbinger, they will find out eventually what you did, or what you're planning to do, they have a system of spies and lies set through all governments that will be hard to break. The Harbinger knows all
- High Intensity Bombing: The war will come, and nothing will survive of the enemy, bombers with great range will take off and decimate land forces, and land targets.

Through the combination of the Aladran, & Sylvi Civil War. Warfare across Loka will be enhanced from its simple sword and shield of today, to a whole nother level of fighting by the time of the Great War

Finally, the trio, Volterra, Vinovia, & Sandsete, aka, the Trident Powers.

Each Nation will have their own fight to contend with, Sandsete with the Sylvis Debts, Volterra with the dragon egg, and Vinovia with its intercontinental ambitions. However they will all face the same challenges.

Starting with the Battle of Dhanri Point, which they will ultimately lose, but gaining much more unity in their alliance because of such, historically at least.

Next will be the Sylvis Civil War, which Sandsete and Cornerstone Canal will take the mainland possessions of Sylvis for "the duration of the war", whether they return it is a big if.

Next will be the Aladran Civil War, sending military advisors to all factions to observe and report.

Next is the Stromgarde collapse, as the non-Kalrosian powers support Vinovia's rapid expansion north.

There are more, but as of now, you get the gist, several major international events that the Tridents will take action in.

All I said, their focus trees are basically done, just got to get a good run through of them a couple more times, along with most of their national spirits. The GFX ain't done, and that's the last plan of action for the time being. Getting the storyline finished is my major concern, and that of the team.

This also brings another point of interest regarding I, the head developer of this small side project. Over the summer, I'll most likely not be doing any progress, as its going to be a hectic time for me, and I simply just don't want to deal with so much at a time, so this project will be temporarily shelved as I won't have access to the code, nor hoi4 for most of it. Thank you for understanding, & reading this rather lengthy message, and remember, Char's Fight waits for no-one. Gank On!


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Next will be the Sylvis Civil War, which Sandsete and Cornerstone Canal will take the mainland possessions of Sylvis for "the duration of the war", whether they return it is a big if.
Little faith in your comrades down south. Big changes are coming to Sandsete with the installation of our newest war room. After negotiations with the natives we filled their old decrepit holy church with food, supplies, and all the materials we’d need in the battles to come. A new era has begun in the desert…


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Little faith in your comrades down south. Big changes are coming to Sandsete with the installation of our newest war room. After negotiations with the natives we filled their old decrepit holy church with food, supplies, and all the materials we’d need in the battles to come. A new era has begun in the desert…


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Looking for people interested in helping to develop this alternate history. We are preparing for the next leg of the journey with the national Foci & General story. We will be holding a meeting within the next 2 weeks, so I'll need all responses by Monday mid-day server time.

If you are interested in helping to develop the national Foci, then dm me @Zachary N. Kaleno#0380.

Also new policy since there are is a ton of ocean & sea tiles. If you help with the development of the mod in anyway, you will be allowed to name a localization for a sea tile. Doesn't matter if it's coastal or not.