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iBiBiK_ (S2BIK) Unban Appeal

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Hello everyone, Today I would like to appeal for my ban on Assisting Ban Evasion. I was banned on at the end of December (if I remember correctly). First of all, I would like to apologize to all Loka staff for wasting their time with my silly mistakes. I feel geniunly feel sorry about what I did. The reason I got banned was I entered my friend Wxsted's town and there was alt accounts in there. I had no idea there was alt accounts and I entered the town because we were just in a vc and having fun. I had interacted with a few alt accounts without knowing they were banned players. I did not suspected them being an alt account since I only entered loka time to time. If I knew who were banned and who wasn't, I would definetly report the alt account. I am so sorry for this and I promise to not to something like this again. I would like to regain Loka Staff's trust. Also, as Magpieman_ said in my appeal before they thought I had provided an alt account to KocZilla, which is wrong. I already stated in dm's with him but I also would like to say it here. KocZilla first dm'd me saying ''bro give me your loka account I have to go to a war''. Which I did no wanted to because he would get it banned like all of his other alts did, and from my little knowledge on this from loka, I knew giving a alt to a banned player was illegal because my other friends had done it. At the moment I barely entered loka and didn't think about saying anything. Just 2 days later Koc dm'd me again saying ''My alt account is going to get banned, they are thinking someone gave me the account, I am going to give your name, probably nothing will happen, but if anyone asks just say I gave the alt account to Koc''. I later found out that he knew damn well that I was going to get in trouble for saying that. Even tho I had never agreed, also non of the staff members came up to me, and asked me if I actually provided a alt account for him, I still got a 1 month tempban. Since I barely logged on at that time, I didn't really knew the reasons behind the ban so I had never contacted staff about it. I now realize Koc has used me for his own good and he just got another player banned for his stupid alt accounts. The reason I was permanently banned was entering Wxsted's town as I said. This was just dumb and I shouldn't have done it. I am really, really sorry if I had any interactions with any banned players and I didnt report. I never suspected anything of them. I didn't read the rules properly, I am so sorry for this. Since I got banned, I took some time of thinking about what I did wrong and promised myself never enter any towns I didnt know very well about it. Again, I am so sorry and I would like a 1 more final chance on Loka.

Since I was banned, a few of my other friends got unbanned in the following months. By watching their stream, I really started loving loka but I remembered I couldn't play with them because of a silly mistake. I am sorry and promise not to do it again. I have now read the rules many times and learned them. I can guarantee I will NEVER do this again. I do understand how alt accounts can damage loka and spend a lot of admins time. I have been admin on many servers and I can feel for loka staff on how bad they are to deal with, its the worst. I can feel what loka admins are going through to find who is alt and who is not, and I am so sorry for spending anyone's even a little second of time. I promise from the bottom of my heart, I will not do these kinds of stupid mistakes again, and promise to be a good person to the community and help as much as I can!

I have spended a lot of time finding about the history of Loka, I have explored the really old posts on forums about the towns and I really like the server! The most interesting builds was definetly Sandsete and Tartooine to me, I really love how players can spend time building these kinds of things, because Loka is not like any other server and they know its not going to be deleted anytime soon!

A few days ago me and my friend eyvah started building a little town on eldritchbot so we can maybe actually build it on the server itself (anyone can visit my plot if they want to see our progress)! I After all, I am looking for about a month tempban if staff trusts me. I would like to proove it to them that I will actually be a good member of the community and hopefully start some new projects that will help the community.

My english is good but not perfect, I apologize for the any mistakes, thank you all for reading my appeal and hope you guys give me a chance.


I have talked to ibibik in vc's and I can say he is a really chill person, he was never toxic and helped me a little when I got unbanned. He is really chill and never toxic, and a really good builder, please give him another chance.


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Not close to the situation here at all, but just reading the appeal makes me think that you should probably be unbanned. +1 You deserve a second chance for this. Hope to see what you will create on loka if you get unbanned, also your english is really good so dont punish yourself too hard for that. :)


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Such a long appeal shows how much you really care about this server. I am happy to see the sincerity and time put into this beautiful essay with remarks of regret and signs of maturity. Hopefully your appeal gets accepted as I cannot wait to have such a caring member in the community again that shows their love and desire for the server. We can only pray that the Loka staff carefully consider your appeal and make the correct decision of bringing you back to fight in the numerous conquest battles. I will leave you with a +1 and encourage other players to do the thing unless their personal experience permits. Good luck returning Lokan!


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While assisting ban evaders is one of the most harmful things to the server, we are willing to lift your ban in 6 weeks time. This is partly down to your unique situation and there being far less malice than most incidents like this. But also due to your well-written appeal, showing honesty and sincerity. We hope you can become a productive member of the community.
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