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LancerSquid for Sentry


Age: 18

Current Rank: Slicer

Which rank are you applying for: Sentry

What you think is expected of this rank: Sentry is the server's assistant,The ability to reach out and help players who are having problems, Be calm and collected when things get tough,And Sentry has to learn in detail about the rules of Lokamc, As dedicated and fair as the rest of the staff,Most importantly, Sentry is able to create a great community environment.

Why you think you should become this rank: i have been playing Lokamc for a year, And I've never Toxic over other players or influenced the community, I like the players and community on the server. I want to be a Sentry because I want to help more Asian players in the future to solve their problems, During the year I helped some new players from Lokamc, including those from the Asian community, let them to learn more about things on the server. I love Lokamc and I hope that I become Sentry while helping more players in need and being a good role model for the community.

When you started playing the server: March 22th, 2022

Time Zone: UTC +8

How often do you play: 5-7 hours Only play on vacations.


Well-Known Member
Would be a good addition as we do not have much representation for the Asian community on Loka. It’d be a very good idea to have another Sentry who could help with that regard. (Also very nice person who I’ve never had problems with, always helpful) +1


Community Rep
+1 I love China (am Chinese!) + he is a really nice guy and would make a wonderful addition to the team. Never seen him be toxic, he is incredibly dedicated to the server, he’s knowledgeable about the rules, and I really hope this gets accepted <3