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Loka++ Resource Pack (Unofficial)


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Due to @Skuhoo's Loka+ Pack not being updated in the past two years, I have decided to try and continue his project. This pack aims to enhance every player's visual pleasure while on Loka by changing the custom items' textures. This pack will require Optifine or CIT Resewn to change the textures into better-fitting ones.

Pack Logo
Ensure "Custom Items" are turned on in options -> video settings -> quality.

  • "Conquest Points"-
  • Webbed Bola
  • Power Shard Core
  • Gingerbread Skeleton
  • Void Storage Items
  • Strange Mass
  • Aladran Sweetbread
  • /profile GUIs
  • Collectibles GUIs
  • /RB GUI
  • Protector Texture
  • Continent-Specific Starter Sets
  • /c list GUI
  • Sell Tag- Market
  • Ancient Ingot
  • Opycs!
  • Custom Brewery Textures
  • Nullifying Potion Textures
  • Continent Map Part Textures
  • Aladran Armor Textures
  • Warp GUIs
  • /quest GUI Textures
  • Market GUIs Touch-Up
  • Custom Fish Item Textures
  • Sticky Webbing
  • Strange Mote Texture (Fix)
  • Holiday Items (Fixes & Additions)
  • /town list GUI
  • Library Books
  • Museum Items *Only if possible!
*Apologies for the lack of new textures; I wanted to release the fixes ASAP, though- it's been a long enough wait!

Finally, feel free to leave feedback below! I would love to hear you're guys' thoughts and ideas on what I should add or change!


  • Loka++ (v1.0).zip
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