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Memrme applying for guardian

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Age: 16

Current Rank: sentry

Applying for: guardian

What do you think is expected of this rank: To not abuse any of the power given, help all players with there problems, give players information if asked and to make sure everyone sticks to the server rules.

Why do you think you should become this rank: I have been on this server for almost 2 years now so i think i have had enough experience and trust to have this rank, i have also been this rank befor but forgot to reapply when the ranks were reset. As a sentry at the moment i dont feel i should be this low of a rank as there a lot of newer players getting it and i know i am a lot more trusted than them.

When did you join the server: i joined in 2011 in febuary

Time zone: GMT:0 (uk)

How often do you play: I offten play around 30-60 hours a week depending on any projects going on.


Would be quite good; previous experience, on quite a lot, not always a guardian online when mem is on either, i recommend him :)


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Who wouldn't support memrme? He's been an excellent admin since long before I joined last april, and he's very likable as an individual. I can't fathom the reasons for anyone opposing this. 100% support!


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Artagan said:
Who wouldn't support memrme?

Edit, yeah! 2000th General discussion post!
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