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Nether Generators! How About NO?


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So today, CookiekVlonsta entered his Nether portal in Solitude to come out on the other side with a great surprise: A blocked portal protected by a generator! Now, I don't know who in Loka has the power to even make gens by themselves, so I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I went to try to bail him out and check the generator name, and this is what I discovered..

Still no idea who could have done this..
If this continue, the Nether will be a parkour world of jumping in and out of protected areas.
No Nether generators please.
Before you decide to give your input, poster, please imagine this scenario:

You are ready to defeat Preksak, finally! You open your Nether portal to take a shortcut to the battlefield....
You emerge from the portal, trapped. Say goodbye to everything valuable you just brought. Do you hear that explosion? That is just the sound of an inter-dimensional bomb that just blew up the entire world of Loka. Could have been prevented if it weren't for an illegal and inconveniently placed Nether generator.


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That is so weird, my nether generator is off..... is it working anyway

W00t! Free gen!


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Yes mop is to blame for that and should not really have done it. However we are going to implement proper nether protection for towns at a cost. So a town can choose to pay an extra amount to protect the exact nether region that their town covers. People also need to be educated in how nether portals work as lots seem to complain about them joining up with each other. I suggest people read up on the subject.


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KenuDragonfire said:
... the future of the server...

Mag is represented by Michael Jackson

I only came here to comment because Mag was compared to M.J.