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Ping Requirement for Rated Arenas


A common problem I find in the arenas is losing because your opponent had a very poor connection. One moment you are at full/partial health, and the next, your opponent has come flying at you and you are dead. This is because they are lagging, and it can ruin your arena rating. My proposal is to impose a ping requirement to queue in rated arenas. While this could disadvantage people with poor Internet service providers, I feel that it should not be strongly-connected competitors' problem.


Staff member
This is not so easily done. However, a big change to the way arenas and all pvp is handled has always been on the books, but it takes quite a lot of coding and server magic. The intent is to one day move all pvp off server and implement the same method that your average Shotbow network server does in which games are held on completely standalone servers that are tuned solely for matches and nothing else.

The big issue is that PvP, Towns, all that custom business is all in one large plugin. Once I can wrestle it out of our plugin and get it to be a free-standing plugin, then the other bits of server linking can happen. This will allow arenas and battlegrounds to take place by themselves (with people still appearing to be on the same server) and the server won't be split in resources. This should result in a performance gain (hopefully in all areas) for both pvp matches and general Loka world stuff.

PvP has always been something that rarely took place, so my motivation for doing this was always lower than for fixing towns, etc. Now that it seems PvP has gained some interest once again, and once the new Battleground is release, perhaps I can make that one of my upcoming focuses.

The plus to decoupling servers means that should we ever grow immensely or if I decide to open up Donations in any way (don't think pay to win), we could have servers in different parts of the county or world and perhaps people could be matched on servers closer to home. Always a plus, but a far, far away plus nonetheless.