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Piruletaas for Sentry

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Age: 19.

Current rank: Slicer and LCR.

Which rank you are applying for:

What you think is expected of this rank:
I think this rank should be someone that knows Loka rules perfectly and help admins with small problems like chat moderation but important as all. Sentries have the responsibility of keep public chats save of bad words and if there are other major problems discuss them with the team and admins.

Why you think you should become this rank:
I'm a known member of Loka Community and I try to help as many people as I can in guide chat or discord. I am always welcome to new questions or doubts about the game. In this 10 months as slicer, I've learned a lot of Loka, I've grown as a person and I've been member 7th and 9th Round of LCRs helping admins with new changes for the server, member of the Build Team and member of the Translating Team, and now I would like to join Chat Moderation team.
My bilingualism is a good point to mention because my main language is Spanish, but I understand English perfectly. Since there are other public chats like Spanish and Turkish, new hispanic players talk on Spanish chat asking for help but like 90% of the times they are ignored because everyone has English public chat as main. As you all know there is a high percent of hispanics playing actively on Loka where in some cases should be moderated when they talk in Spanish in public chat.
Also, I think that being from Europe is another good point to mention because most of the staff is offline at some hours where yes, there aren't too many people online but if there's no staff online, the chat is "vulnerable".

When you started playing on the server:
December 07, 2020

Time zone:
CET (Central European Time)

How often do you play (hours a day/week):
5-6 hours a day, on discord all day.


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I've known Thony (Piruletaas) For almost 3 years now and i can say that he's one of the best persons i've ever met, he has the knowledge and the requirements that you need to be a sentry, he would do a great sentry imo and really deserves it. Huge +1 Wish the best of lucks in your sentry appeal.


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Piruletaas, the real cabra. Always helpful, never toxic and pro builder. Good with every community and friends with everybody, never toxic. Definetly deserves it +1 good luck Pirutetas xd
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