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Proposed Solution for Infiltration


As I'm sure everyone is aware, infiltration/betrayal is now a ban-worthy offence. The backing is that it destroys new towns and harms the server's traffic. However, I have come up with a more detailed solution in the interest of the general population than outright outlawing the act:
• Re-allowance of infiltration using spies/sleepers
• Grace period free of PVP for new towns upon creation (I suggest anywhere from two weeks to a month.)
• Free bubble generator implemented to 10-block radius around generator for the purpose of making a vault with limited permissions
• In-depth instructions for prospective and new town owners explaining in detail how towns work and to not trust everyone with a friendly face
• Continued outlawing of use of multiple accounts for the purpose of infiltration
• Continued allowance of only one generator's permissions
  • - Implementation of temporary, limited multiple permissions for construction help being granted 24-hours at a time
    • Thorough check of CoreProtect logs if someone is accused of abusing these construction permissions
I feel that these new rules would benefit both parties; infiltrators, by re-allowing it, and town owners, by making them less vulnerable to infiltration. This will not only make new towns immune from such things as infiltration and PVP for an amount of time, but will make the infiltration game one that requires much more patience than before, thus discouraging it for our more hot-headed barbarians.


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Gudbrandr said:
..........thus discouraging it for our more hot-headed barbarians.
Do we have any of those?
I'll admit, the thieves and raiders all the thieves and raiders I know of are all pretty tactical and smart. Not saying raiding is good, but at least people aren't lunar about it.


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@Lea: This discussion has only moved threads. The forums are specifically for this purpose. We're able to brainstorm this issue for the powers that be to make a decision on what is the right solution.

@Gud: I don't think a free bubble gen and a forum post is going to help much. If I were to decide that it was time to clean someone out I could forge a friendship over six months (which has happened numerous times around here) and then get on their bubble gen's perms. This espionage game has never been a hotheaded or quick/spur of the moment thing. As Crypt said, without this being illegal, towns will never expand because they'll never know who to trust.

If I recruit ten new members on top of the four I have and make a bubble gen, it'll be like managing two towns. I'll never add those ten people to the bubble because I'll never be able to trust them if insiders are legal. It's not a matter of if, but when, they will be used against me.Veterans of the server all end up pooling together in their own respective groups. It'll never change if there is no consequence for subterfuge to this degree.

I gave my proposal on TNT so that's still what I think would be a good alternative in order to keep that in play. As far as grace periods go for towns, I agree with the in full. New players will only be gone in a week if they're raided senseless before they can get their feet wet. A forum post detailing the mechanics of Loka would be helpful for that as well, just so they know what they're getting into.

As far as it goes, though, if infiltration were to be reinstated there has to be some kind of negative reinforcement. Tempban for 30 days could be one (if it's an alt then it's a permaban). Perhaps if someone uses an insider, the victimized town has 3 days permission on the enemy town territory to retaliate (think of it like a negative effect of a skill use). These are random but something has to be in play in order to stop indiscriminate betrayal.


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This may help with new towns, but what this doesn't touch on is the fact that when insiders were legal and mainstream, no "old" towns ever recruited anyone because it was a 50% chance they were recruiting an infiltrator. If it is known that there can be insiders, new players that join the server that don't have friends or mean to start their own town will be left to the wilds because no town will want to recruit that person, sleeper or not.

Additionally, bubbles may help with some vaults, but that doesn't stop the infiltrator from relaying information back to thieves about everything else going on in the city, movements of inventories, new members, etc.

I do agree that a big problem is education (especially on bubble generators), and I'll work on that at any rate.


The additions were intended to aid smaller, new towns. Old towns typically keep to old players, so these additions would provide them with some reassurance in recruiting, along with protecting the new towns. My aim was not to completely aid towns, I will say it again. These were meant to please both parties. Both parties will still have issues-- Towns will still be at risk for infiltration, but thieves will not be allowed to use multiple accounts. Infiltrators will have to wait upwards of a month to even touch a town, but towns would not be able to engage in their own conflicts for the same amount of time. These were meant to please both. I tried to be as unbiased as possible when coming up with these conditions so that it would be a fair middle-ground between full-on spy/sleeper warfare and complete outlawing of infiltration.


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Well, I've said my piece. I don't have anything new to really add I think. Unless we have some new material or suggestions then it'll be up to Asy, Crypt, and Mag what they do to shake things up.

I'll be happy to brainstorm any other ideas, though. Might help them make a decision on one.


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We need a recreation of this gif in Loka. In a raid.