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Q: Scavenging/Town Recycling


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There have been a lot of questions lately about the legality of taking things from abandoned towns. Those that I have heard are as follows:

Is it legal to grief a building that has already been griefed?

How long does a place have to be abandoned to claim it for yourself or remove blocks?

Do you have to build a generator to claim the land?

If the owner of a town gives it up or is banned, who owns it?


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Old One
1/ no
2/ you can never remove blocks only claim it for yourself and build things there/edit them and id say it would need to have been abandoned for a good few months.
3/ no just build and people would not be allowed to tear down your buildings.
4/ If there is clear second in command within the town i.e. they acted like joint owners, or a very senior town member then its simple. If however there is not, the remaining town members would put themselves forward and vote among themselves. If neither is possible then i guess it can be claimed but admins/asymp would probably have to intervene to decide who gets it depending on what they plan to do with it.

When possible however it is best to ask Asymp or Magpieman on whether they would be allowed to scavenge a place or ask multiple admins as one admin saying yes does not mean its ok.