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Suggestion Re-Buff Webbed Bolas


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Since the webbed bola update, I don't see players using the webbed bolas anymore. At first the reason they were made OP because staff wanted people to use them, but when people liked them and the update was way too OP, some players started complaining its way too overpowered and it got nerfed.

As of right now, I don't see no players using webbed bolas at all and its basically forgotten. My suggestion is, make them a little OP again but not too OP. To the point where players will actually start selling this at market and go to ri beaches and grind for them, but not complaining for it.

Also, you can make that debuff res also counters webbed bolas.


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They're still good it really wasn't that big a nerf. so buffing them a little bit is really just reversing this nerf. And if you make debuff res work, it will also get forgotten about after a while.


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wdym by slow 3? Like Slow 3 would block webbed bolas from effecting the player?
No, he is saying if you get hit by a webbed bola you would get slow 3. (That would be hilarious, but very annoying and over powered)


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But really slow 1 is about the only new feature other than just lasting longer that would seem to make sense for what it is, pretty stronk though. DBR should be able to prevent the slow effect so that would basically be the counter


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I would suggest maybe re-buff the webbed bola but incrrsse the amount of materials needed to craft 4 webbed bolas