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Sandsete's Secret...


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Bang. Bang. Bang.
Caves deep within the cliffs were always a dark, scary venture.
Sandsete's (albeit poor) miners were hammering away with every bang of the pickaxe. It was only then, deep underground and in the heart of the golden city, was there a clang of hitting metal. Excavation began at once to reveal this ancient relic of technology. It appeared... unique. Mystical. The crew tried to understand for themselves, only for the machine to whirr alive as a crate of fuel plummets into an input device. The poor, vain miner that stood within the machine disappeared before the crew's eyes.
Panic ensued.
The crew rushed out of the cave, stumbling over each other and dodging rocks on every side. It wasn't long for the miners to find an official officer to report the disappearance of their crewmate. Only a short time later did the Sultan, Goilard Costa Olivera II, catch wind of this disappearance. He, himself, asks the miners to aid their homeland and search for their friend, only for the crew to be deceived and become lab rats to experiment on frequently. Test after test, the highest leaders of
Sandsete came to recognize the power within the city. Though still not sure how the machine works they did figure out that with enough fuel it could make the subject disappear. Search teams were sent across Char to find the missing miners. Months after their disappearance, a strange skeleton was found in the snowy mountains of Kalros. Close to the skeleton, a charred miners helmet was found. The minds of the Sandsete elite got pondered how this was possible. The grasps of the Artifact have made it impossible for anyone to die... until now. The theory was that whenever the clunky machine was used, it teleported anyone inside it to the outer atmosphere of the world, thus leaving the subject out of range from the powers of the Artifact. However, using the machine took copious amounts of fuel. For the few test runs, they could manage to do it took 6 months' worth of coal from the mines. This technology was costly and therefore was only to be used on very special occasions. The leaders in power hid this machine, even to others in the government, and reveled in their new power. Now it was only a matter of time for this to be used as a secret execution weapon for those who were viewed as dangerous to Olivera's ruling, their voices never to be heard again.

As you may know, Sandsete lore is being made adjacent to Lokan lore so that the world of Sandsete could exist within the Loka canon universe. Alongside the help of Magpieman, the lore above is 100% canon proof and fits within the constraints of Loka. There is more to this mystical machine which still leaves a lot of mystery at hand.
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If you end up blowing your town up with this thing make sure the blast doesn't pollute the channel between the desert and the island of the deadlands...