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Selling lots of awesome stuff


Here is an updated list of what I'm selling and buying.
Selling (make offer)
-Diamond armor
Prot IV Legsx2
Proj IV helm
Proj IV aqua I helm
Prot III feather IV feet
Proj IV legs
Blast IV aqua I helm
Blast IV resp III aqua I helm
-Diamond picks
Unbreaking III Fortune III eff IVx2
Unbreaking III Silk I eff IVx2
Unbreaking III eff V
Fortune III
Eff IV
Unbreaking III silk I
Fortune III eff IVx2
-Diamond Swords
Sharp V Fire II Knockback II
Sharp III Knockback II
Sharp III
Smite IV kb II
kb II fire II
kb II looting II
Sharp III kib II looting II
boa IV looting III
smite IV
boa IV
boa III fire I
Inf I Flame I Power V Punch I
Inf I Power III


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Re: Selling/buying stuff

MrAlchemy said:
1 Iron for all of it.

Could make all of that in an hour.

Is that sarcasm after asking for a stack of diamonds for that other sword?


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thelineguy said:
Zor95 said:
Everyone who has an outdated thread here might wanna update the title.

Or delete it.

But then our poor little forum would be empty o:

And it's good to see who sells what so in the future we can refer to them. Liek I'm still the glowstone guy.