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Sentry Rank

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This is our sub-admin rank. Sentries are predominantly chat moderators, keeping public chat clean, assisting new players and answering all questions in chat. Therefore they will generally only be enforcing rules 4, 5, 7 and 9. However, in the event where there are no full admins available, Sentries can step in to temporarily remove rule-breakers from the server. The Sentry rank can also be a stepping stone to becoming a full admin on the server, as it is a good test of how a player would fair with greater responsibilities. They have access to a Sentry chat channel in discord for easy communication with other members of staff. This allows them to escalate issues and request assistance with problems they don't have the tools to deal with themselves. They can participate on the server like any other player (they can pvp, steal, etc) due to their limited commands.

  • Expected to be a Slicer rank in order to apply, however, exceptions can be made for outstanding applications.
  • /kick <player> - Temporarily kicks player from the server.
  • /ban <player>- Permanently bans target player.
  • /tempban <player> <time> <reason> - e.g. /tempban Notch 2w For testing purposes
  • /unban <player> - Lifts a ban previously applied to target player.
  • /h <message> - Chat to new players inside the intro course.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn.
  • /mute <player> - Mutes for 5 minutes.
  • /permamute <player> <reason> - Permanently mutes a player.
  • /warn <player> <message> - It pm's a player like /msg, but also sends an alert to all staff that you have sent that PM.
  • /note <player> <note> - Adds a note to the players account so past offences are logged.
  • Expected to read all new forum posts at least every other day.
  • Must be on Discord text chat regularly.
  • Must help all players by answering any questions they have.
  • Make sure public chat remains clean and a nice place to be by enforcing chat rules.
  • /spawn cannot be used outside your town or spawn.
  • You cannot use /spawn if you have raided goods on your person.
  • You may raid and PvP just like a normal player.
Application Template

Current rank:
Which rank you are applying for:
What you think is expected of this rank:
Why you think you should become this rank:
When you started playing on the server:
Time zone:
How often do you play (hours a day/week):
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