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Shortage of Guardians?

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So I've looked and noticed a shortage of Guardians in the CST or any American timezone save for Mtndome. Plus Thelineguy isn't active so that leaves about 4 Guardians if I'm up to date. With a new influx of players coming into the new world I know administration priorities must be high, and I know what you're thinking. "He's been gone for months and he comes back asking for Guardian?!" I've not got a lot to do, I've got a lot of free time, you all know me, and you're (from what I can tell) a little bit short. I'm merely here to offer my services should they be needed. Not for title, rank etc. This isn't to say that I wouldn't take my position seriously. I felt lack of need to fill out a formal application, seeing as I've filled about three and they're all pretty much the same although if you'd like I can do so. This is just an offer, should the current admins of Loka like an extra hand.


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There is such a thing as forgiveness...

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Last time you applied for guardian..I expressed my concern about your seemingly rare visits to the server. True, you could be playing at different hours then myself. I personally see you sign on once a week "if" that. I question your amount of participation with the Lokan community or if you are up to date with current events on the server.

You have roughly applied for guardian 6 times. At one point you applied for guardian twice in the same month.
I wonder how many times you have quit the server...and if it equals the same as your applications for guardian.

My concerns:
The amount of time you will devote to Loka.
Your duration of Lokan time before you quit....again
How in touch you are with current events and the players.

I believe many of these same issues have been posted on your previous attempts for guardianship.

Play more
Get involved
Stay up to date.
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