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Survey: Results and Discussion


With 37 responses I assumed we wouldn't be getting many more, so it's closed. Here are the results for the multiple choice: http://imgur.com/a/GF1EK#0
And the written (Now sorted for Wendy):
-It's part of the game
-Raiding is one of the selling points of Loka, and now you can hardly do it.
-Fairly fresh player, looking to get into raiding, based on experience (from previous servers) stuff such as Obsidian vaults are as anti-fun as can be.
-Better raiding then verbally abusing people.
-Being able to raid creates conflict which in return creates better interaction between players which can lead to alliances/more raids/even wars
-I want to raid
-The common reason for people saying they don't like raiding is because it scares people away. Sure, it may be annoying when you do get raided, but it keeps you on your toes, makes you need to hide things to keep them safe. I like that.
-raiding is good as it brings a new aspect to the simple lives of normal minecraft players.
-I think it should be a challenge, but worth the reward. I know it's difficult, but have it so it punishes carelessness.
-There needs to be more anonymity (in raiding and in general) such as when a player is killed. What would be cool (imo) is to have named weapons displayed, but not the killer.
-I think raiding creates a political element to lokas towns.
-its way too nerfed
-Its not how it used to be
-As much as people may whine about it, it's one of the main points, or used to be, of the server.

-Raiding is a disease that needs to be stamped out. It's poison to the server.
-Raiding can be detrimental, and there needs to be a surefire way to protect your stuff... it seems impossible not to be raided by your fellow townsfolk or others!
-Should not revert changes that will cause towns to be paranoid about protection, as well as cause them to go to extremes to protect themselves
-Raid = boring and childish wanting to smash something someone else took the time and energy to create

-As it was in the past, raiding was decidedly a bad thing for the server. With upcoming updates, such as territories, it may become something better.
-as long as no griefing is invovled it should be fine
-villager have some protection
-I think I give my identity away at the rank stage. Ah well.
I'm also to check any data that I can access for those interested including filtering by answer.
Anyways, discuss
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-Raiding is one of the selling points of Loka, and now you can hardly do it.
-Raiding is a disease that needs to be stamped out. It's poison to the server.



Some fun stats to get discussion going.
2/3 of those who said raiding was harmful have been on raids (this map)
Those who have been on 0 raids this map were more in favor of cannons than those who have raided, and about equal with raiders on insiders.
86% of people said they believe that insiders or cannons should be allowed to some extent.


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Interesting stuff. I'll reserve my bigger thinkings for a later date.

It would be interesting to see this exact survey done again after something like Territories is implemented and has run for some time. Now is certainly one of the more/most peaceful times on Loka, so a desire for anything that brings conflict to the server makes sense.