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Sw4gy Unban Appeal


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Hi I am Sw4gy and I am banned for 7 months (22th October 2022) for account sharing to KocZilla. I quitted from pc at the end of the summer and gave my gmail and password to the friends I trust so if they need something from my account in any server. While I wasnt playing, Koczilla used my account for evading his ban. I learned that when he told me that he got my account banned. I didnt think that my friends would use my account for their own good. I am not the owner of the account but I told the owner to change my password and yet he did. Even though I would rather to buy my own account so there wont be case like this again.


-1 he doxed me in a chat + racist. a person who shouldn't be in the community


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-1 he doxed me in a chat + racist. a person who shouldn't be in the community
Why are you sharing your photo in a crowded server if you dont want it to get sent in any other server. To add, the server he shared your photo is the server where you liked most and you have even turned your front camera on and showed yourself for 10 minutes in that server. Do you really care about doxxing or do you just want him to stay banned


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