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The Realm of Loka COMING SOON


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My latest book. (I'm open to suggetions.)


Chapter one
The Arrival

Jedoi woke on a cold floor made of a white metal. “Welcome to Loka, Trainee.” A robotic voice said. “You must complete this Trainee Corse to join the others on Loka.” It continued. Jedoi didn’t know what to think. She didn’t remember anything, but her name. Jedoi, she though, the only word that had meaning to her.
Somehow, she heard other people talking, although she didn’t see anyone near her. “Welcome to Loka.” some voices said, “Good luck” others told her. She tried to speak, but the words couldn’t be voiced. Why can’t I talk? She thought.

Jedoi got up, and looked around. The room had a hard, white floor and rows of smooth, blue stone on the walls. There was a deep hole, and blue ran down that as well, at the end she thought she could see water. She carefully leaned down to look, and slipping on the floor, tumbled down.

Luckily, there was water. She landed in it and went right through it; some kind of force was holding the water up, so I walked forward. I walked through caves, in under-water tunnels, and finally came to a room of black and purple stone.
“Well done, Trainee.” The robotic voice said, “Step into the Knife.” It continued. She watched as lightning hit the platform of gold and stone in front of her. She stepped onto the platform after the lightning stopped hitting it. Nothing happened. She walked back a little ways, and ran to the Knife, as the lightning hit it, a weird feeling overcame her, and before she knew it, she was standing on another platform made of a glass that emits light.

“Welcome to Loka, Congrats!” People welcomed. “T-t-thank you.” Jedoi stammered. “We have laws here, be sure to check out our room that contains our laws.” Someone said. “What’s your name?” another person asked me. “Jedoi.” She replied. “That’s the only thing I remember.” She added. “We all forgot everything about ourselves. You’ll find yourself eventually.” And with that, he left. As she wandered around, she thought this place was pretty cool. I might like it here….