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The Reason


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I may not be a legend, but I have a story.
Not any story.
My story.

I was raised differently, and so I acted differently and viewed things differently. I would look at both sides of things, not just my own. I was quick to forgive and quick to trust, slow to accept defeat. I started playing Minecraft, and some of these helped me, was good for others. Some were bad for me. Where most people would do one thing, I would do another. And in some cases people called me names, made fun of me. In others I was respected for a while before I was made fun of again. I would stay out of combat. I know my flaws, and I know my gifts, where some people think they’re perfect. I always stood out, either being made fun of or appreciated. Sometimes you don’t need to stand out. When I joined Loka, I learned that. I could see no one on Loka was ordinary. We were all crazy in a good way. But I realized people didn’t act like they’re special, like they were. I thought people should be themselves. So I made myself stand out, to show them. Dragons. I showed them how I can stand out, hoping they would embrace their special things. I talked about my expertise on dragons. I did something most people didn’t. Remember when I said that could get me made fun of or respected? Well, I sure didn’t get respected. Made fun of on and on and on, teased so much. People on Loka knew this would happen to them should they try to stand out. Except, this is a smaller server, with a smaller community, one that knew pretty much everyone. So it wasn’t forgotten like it would have been on the busy, spammed out servers I used to play on. I am still made fun of. And I don’t appreciate I was made fun of because I wanted everyone to see the wonder about everyone, trying to get them to embrace themselves. I am very annoyed. Now that you know this, I hope you will stop. Or will you make fun of this too? We shall see. We shall see soon.