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This person must be given slicer.

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Well, I believe this is hows its done so here we go

He has been a kinda important part of some bits of the server for a while now and well, he has loads of good qualities;

He really sticks his Neck out for others all the time
Not too sheepish that he won't talk to new people
Never afraid to liberate peoples items whenever they don't particularly need it
Well versed in the glitches of the game and how to fully abuse them
Really knows how to blow things up

Just overall I think he really deserves Slicer, maybe even Sentry one day

You've earned this Zor95 <3


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The most worthy application I have ever seen. In fact, brimming with worthiness. Spilling over with "worth". Eruptions of stolen !worth" pour from this application.


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I've seen this person on and off on Loka for the past month or so. He really knows how to pack a verbal punch! That really speaks to me! He also really does know how to sneak around, but also be the center of attention!

The SHEAR warmth of his very presence is like a WOOL blanket.

I say we show this one how green the grass is on the other side of the pasture fences.

+1 from me!
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