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Tqche ban appeal


New Member
Hello Lokans and dear staff, I am Tqche and got banned about 6 months ago (December 7, 2022) for exploit abuse. In my first appeal I wrote that I didnt know about the dupe and yet I didnt. I just had suspicions about pot mats being duped because no one has gone to grind and there was too many pot mats. I also didnt suspect at the amount of cores that other subowners had (I have only seen 500k cores, that was used by 3-4 players)but they told me that they scammed an old player. After I got banned it was revealed that they were hiding vast of cores. 500k for 3-4 players didnt seem much since I had 300k on my own. The only money that I’ve gotten from them was during festival time that I borrowed 50k from DenizUsta35. We were subowners in Gotham with Rea4peR before I went to atheria and he had 700k on his own. That can be another reason why their 500k didnt seem much to me. Even though I had no evidence for their expoit abuse, I should have reported for my suspicions about pot mats. Even if they werent duping The worst thing would happen to my report that it would be deleted. There can be people still saying that I am lying but this is the truth. I didnt know about the hidden money before I got banned. So I didnt use anything being aware of duping. Anyways I want to apologize for not reporting pot mats because of my suspicions from staff and players. If I have reported at first, the damage caused to economy of loka would have been reduced and skuhoo and Magpieman wouldnt have been worked for hours for cleaning the duped items from the server. I also want to apologize from players because I wouldnt like my items to be refunded from my old purchases and sellings if I were them. Loka is one of the greatest servers that I’ve played. When I’ve started loka, I came back from a 2-3 years break and it was really fun playing Loka.
As a player who have been occupied in selling/buying lores, I actually liked the server and its economy and I want to apologize again from my unawares damage to great economy of this nice server. If you allow to let me play again, I will report anything even if I dont have evidence and just suspicions. If you have read this far, I would like to thank you for spending your time reading my appeal. If you have any questions or anything that you are curious about feel free to dm me: Berke#7240. Have a great day!