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Vote for Loka, get Emeralds in your Town!


Staff member
In order to help get Loka's name out there, we need votes. Some people need motivation for votes. So, as of now, every time you vota for Loka on PMC (which you can only do once a day), your town's balance will be increased by 5. If you don't live in town, you will instead receive 5 emeralds in your inventory.

Get the word out to your town members, and you can access the link (and future ones) with /vote

You can also just go here at any time: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/loka/vote/

If you're not online when you vote, in a town your generator balance will still increase. If you don't live in a town, you will receive your emeralds the next time you log on.

There will be a tally kept of times you voted. At the end of the month, whoever voted the most will receive a reward! Who even knows what it will be? I certainly don't know yet...


Active Member
I'm kinda sad that is has come to this. Although I do agree that we need more votes..