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Welcome to the Bug Report Forum


Staff member
The Issues page on the main website was an interesting experiment, but I think these new forums are good enough that we can handle bug reporting here and do it in a cleaner, easier fashion.

So, that said, please report any and all bugs and issues you have in Loka here. Any irrelevant threads here will be moved or deleted so we can keep this forum clean and useful.


I think this is the right thread, but I found a bug just now. I was putting netherbricks and blocks of quartz in the market (2 stacks of each) and after I completed the sale only one stack was found in the market chest. When I removed the sale only one stack was returned. I put other items in the market and the multiple stacks worked fine, it seems that the bug is only in the nether chest.
Gotta make a thread in this bug report forum about the bug. Then crypt can do dat cool "Accepted" "Rejected" or "Fixed" status.