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Witches in the Night.


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Technically starting yesterday, some very strange things have been happening on Loka. Yesterday when I was alone I think 5 whit he's spawned in Dellsmite, and I was unable to pick up their sugar drop. One of which spawned in my house, making me jump as it barrelled down my stairs throwing a potion at me. Also so far 2 town generators have have turned into bedrock (the stone bricks changed into said blocks). This has happened in my town as well as Whitherock. Ghost's are appearing more frequently.

I have more of these but I will save them for later.

So far for the generator I have conclued that it represents a perminent town as bedrock is unbreakable. For the witches I have 3 assumptions: it's a actual minecraft game glitch, it's apart of the ghost RP OR a RP on its own, or Crypt was bored and he wanted to have fun at my expense (I was the only one on line at the time).