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Zoooos (King of diapot) Loka ban appeal


+1, when I found out my glorious king was banned from loka I entered a state of hysteria and had a really hard time breathing and then I managed to calm myself down after a few days. I thought to myself this isn't like him at all and I just couldn't believe it, nonetheless I believe he should be freed from loka and given another chance to play such a great server, I can assure you that he will never do anything like this again he was just caught up in the moment. Also, he has never cheated before so idk what these people are saying, clearly spreading lies about my glorious HT1 best eu king Zoooos immortal, they are just jealous they can't be on his level of skill so have to hackusate him so sad LOL!


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king of life king of everything and anything id give up my family just to see zeus_immortal play this server once again truly amazing fella i feel warm when i see him and cold when he is no more he is also the king of diapot if you didnt know +googol....


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Goodmorning my fellow lokans and lokanesters, I come on this beautiful summer day to appeal my fully deserved loka ban.
I was banned somewhat of a year ago for extreme racism and unfunny humor towards the Turkish community and many other offensive actions in chat. The remarks towards the Turkish community came after I started beefing with some members of my alliance who are Turkish because they kept focusing me at cove and killed me over 5 times (skill issue) so in the heat of the moment I cursed them and went on a racist rampage in chat, I take the full blame for it and understand that I am at fault for what was done. I want to note that when I'm online, I am always 100% in character, which is not how I am in real life. I play this character because I find it amusing and I enjoy watching people get mad over the screen. In real life, I serve in the Red Cross and am an active scout member and leader in my community. I always strive to help people. I am telling you this because I don't want you to think I'm some racist trash in real life. You can check out my Instagram to see my work: Jude Atallah. I will not sit here and lie to you by saying I am 100% reformed and that I'm not toxic on other servers and Discord. The toxicity is part of the character I play in-game, which is meant to provoke others. I understand if my appeal gets bombarded with negative responses and -1 (I love you all).
If it's possible, I would like to be unbanned but with chat restrictions or a permanent mute. This would help me cool down and prevent me from getting mad at people over a block game.

Thank you for reading my appeal.

The King of EU,
-1 cheater


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yea I don't think putting "king of diapot" in your appeal title really shows that you've humbled yourself -1 buddy


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+1 zeus is very cool guy and me and my friends have recently played with him a lot, we haven't seen him be toxic and I believe he has changed.